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LETTERS: Around the Arctic February 11, 2014 - 11:09 am

Are cruise ships polluting our waters, damaging wildlife?

“It is time to regulate these ships”


My name is Levi Palituq and I live in Clyde River, Nunavut. As a local outfitter-guide I would like to voice my opinion and views on the cruise ships that sail in Nunavut waters.

Every summer, when I can, I do hunting trips between Clyde River and Pond Inlet and every year there are cruise ships going in and out of the fiords and inlets looking at scenery or looking for wildlife.

It is known nowadays that these ships are actually going to animal sanctuaries or chasing the animals for the viewing pleasure of their passengers. 

I do have photos of the Clipper Adventurer inside Gibbs Fiord north of Clyde River, where in our opinion it should not have been.

When we exposed ourselves as being there at the time the pictures where taken, the ship left the fiord, as if the action of the ship were saying, we’ve been seen. That’s how elusive some of these ships have become.

There are no financial and human benefits from these ships for the majority of the communities that are visited.

The visitors are just polluting our waters and putting unnecessary stress on the wildlife. Imagine how much dirty water is pouring out of these big ships into our once pristine waters?

It is time to regulate these ships or put a stop to their freedom tours once and for all.

Levi Palituq
Clyde River

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