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NEWS: Iqaluit July 04, 2018 - 4:45 pm

Boil water advisory issued for Iqaluit’s Happy Valley area

No water Thursday, July 5, from 8:30 a.m. to noon

A boil water advisory will be in effect for homes in Iqaluit's Happy Valley area until Saturday. (PHOTO BY BETH BROWN)
A boil water advisory will be in effect for homes in Iqaluit's Happy Valley area until Saturday. (PHOTO BY BETH BROWN)

There won’t be any water at Happy Valley homes connected to the City of Iqaluit’s water line on Thursday morning.

Water will be temporarily suspended in about 40 residential Iqaluit buildings from 8:30 a.m. until 12 noon on July 5.

That’s “to allow city workers to complete urgent infrastructure repairs on the water line,” the city said in a public service announcement.

Once the water is back on, the City of Iqaluit is asking residents affected by the water suspension to continue boiling their water before drinking it until lunchtime on Saturday.

“A boil water advisory will also be in effect for these buildings, as per requirements from the Department of Health, from 12 noon Thursday, June 5, until noon Saturday, July 7.”

Building numbers affected by the suspension and boil water advisory are the following: 1620, 1610, 1613, 1600, 1611, 1609, 1607, 1605, 1603, 413, 1601, 416, 415, 413, 412, 411, 410, 409, 408, 407, 406, 405, 404, 403, 402, 401, 400, 568, 571, 573, 570, 575, 572, 577, 571, 579, 576, 581, 578, and 580.

“The city would like to thank residents for their understanding,” the news release said.

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(4) Comments:

#1. Posted by Thirsty on July 05, 2018

No rest for that part of town, it seems. Makes me glad I’m on trucked water and sewage. I have no desire to switch to utilidor.

#2. Posted by home owner on July 05, 2018

love my water tank. Have been on water tank my whole life and conserving water comes naturally

#3. Posted by Oh Iqaluit, you're so crazy on July 06, 2018

This really highlights how ridiculous Iqaluit’s housing numbers are.

#4. Posted by Where are you Mayor Redfern? on July 06, 2018

Get off Twitter and work as you are suppose to be full time Mayor.  When are you going to fix this never ending utilidor problem in the area?

The MLA minister of finance Hickes should set aside some dollars for his riding as he worked so hard to get himself appointed as Minister, should work to represent these constituents!

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