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NEWS: Iqaluit September 10, 2012 - 3:30 pm

Election 2012: Iqaluit returning officer unveils mayor, council, school body hopefuls

Four vie for mayor’s job, 11 run for city council


The chief returning officer for the City of Iqaluit, Kirt Ejesiak, on Sept. 10 unveiled the names of candidates who on Oct. 15 will vie for election to city council and three local school committees.

Four candidates will contest the mayor’s position:

• John Graham;

• Allen Hayward;

• Paul Kaludjak; and,

• Noah Ooloonie Papatsie.

Eleven candidates will contest eight positions on Iqaluit City Council:

• Joanasie Akumalik;

• Kenny Bell;

• Terry Dobbin;

• Ranbir S. Hundal;

• Jimmy Kilabuk;

• Lewis Falkiner Mackay;

• Mark Morrissey;

• Simon Nattaq;

• Patterk Netser;

• Romeyn Stevenson; and,

• Mary Ekho Wilman.

Eight candidates will run for five positions on the Iqaluit District Education Authority:

• Joanne Ashley;

• Gwen Healy;

• Lori Idlout;

• Brian Manning;

• John Terence Maurice;

• Andrew Tagak;

• Alan Weeks; and,

• Alden Williams.

Three candidates have been nominated for four positions on the Apex District Education Authority:

• Alethea Arnaquq-Baril;

• Anne Crawford; and,

• Jesse Mike.

It’s likely that these three candidates will win their seats by acclamation.

Four people are nominated for five positions on the Commission scolaire francophone de Nunavut:

• Louis Arki;

• Jacques Fortier;

• Manon Painchaud; and,

• Seth Reinhart.

It’s likely these four candidates will win their seats by acclamation.

Any voter who believes that one of these nominees is not eligible to be a candidate may advise the returning officer in writing.

Written notices, stating reasons for the belief that a person is not eligible, can be delivered to the returning officer at Iqaluit City Hall by 5 p.m. Sept. 13.

As in the past, Iqaluit voters will cast ballots at the Cadet Hall, while Apex voters will cast ballots at the Abe Okpik Hall.

The only exception is the ratepayers referendum. Eligible ratepayers will cast ballots for that referendum at the cadet hall only.

The deadline for making revisions to the voters list is Oct. 5. An advance poll will be held Oct. 5 also and an earlier advance poll will be held Sept. 14

Information on the election is available at the 2012 Iqaluit municipal election website.

The referendum, among ratepayers only, will decide the question of whether to allow the city to borrow up to $40 million to pay for a new aquatics centre.

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