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NEWS: Nunavik June 04, 2018 - 8:00 am

First Tasers deployed to four Nunavik police detachments, more to come

KRPF continues to negotiate a new funding agreement for 2018-23

Kativik Regional Police Force chief Jean-Pierre Larose fields questions from KRG councillors during the regional government's Feburary council meeting. The KRPF continues to negotiate its new funding agreement with the provincial and federal governments. (FILE PHOTO)
Kativik Regional Police Force chief Jean-Pierre Larose fields questions from KRG councillors during the regional government's Feburary council meeting. The KRPF continues to negotiate its new funding agreement with the provincial and federal governments. (FILE PHOTO)

The Kativik Regional Police Force has deployed the first handful of Tasers to detachments throughout Nunavik, with the goal of introducing more “intermediary” weapons aimed at reducing fatalities caused by confrontations.

In March, the KRPF received its first Taser at its Kuujjuaq detachment and this past month, three more of the stun guns were sent to Inukjuak, Puvirnituq and Salluit.

“It is the KRPF’s plan to have at least one Taser per community in the future,” the police force said in its quarterly report, presented to Kativik Regional Government councillors meeting in Aupaluk last week.

“The KRPF is also exploring the possibility of acquiring other non-lethal intermediary weapons.”

New funding agreement within sight

A new agreement to fund policing in Nunavik is expected to be in place by June, police chiefs told the KRG councillors meeting.

The most recent agreement expired in March. The new funding agreement would cover the period from 2018 to 2023.

The Quebec government pays for 48 per cent of the cost of financing the KRPF, while the federal government pays the rest.

Last December, the KRPF submitted its funding request to both levels of government. The KRPF’s former chief, Michel Martin, who resigned in February, was contracted to help negotiate the new agreement.

Under the new agreement, the KRPF has asked for additional money to train its officers to detect cannabis-impaired drivers, ahead of the federal government’s plans to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by this summer.

Public Safety Canada said money from the previous agreement will continue to fund the KRPF’s work until a new agreement is in place.

KRPF constables are largely young and male

The KRPF released statistics on its staffing this week that shows a young, male and non-Inuk police force.

There are currently 40 permanent and 36 temporary police officers working for the KRPF, along with eight “inactive officers” or members who are on leave.

Of that overall group, just two police officers are Inuk, while three are women.

Statistics provided to KRG’s May 27-31 council meeting also showed that about three-quarters of all of KRPF’s officers are in their 20s.

And thirty-eight per cent of officers have worked for the KRPF for less than six months.

The KRPF is moving to hire more Indigenous candidates; the force has hired four First Nation candidates who will attend basic training at the province’s École nationale de police du Québec this summer, with the intention of starting work in the early winter.

The force notes that KRPF officers are frequently recruited by other federal and provincial agencies.

“Officers are in demand for their experience and knowledge serving northern communities,” the KRPF said in its activity report.

Construction of first two new police stations set to begin this year

The Kativik Regional Government and Quebec’s Ministry of Public Security reached a funding agreement earlier this year to renovate or build new police stations in each of Nunavik’s 14 communities.

The first two communities to see new police facilities will be Inukjuak and Puvirnituq, KRG councillors heard this week.

The KRG and Quebec’s ministry are currently negotiating an agreement for the construction of new police stations in Puvirnituq and Inukjuak for a total of $20 million. The construction work is expected to begin in 2019, the KRG said.

That’s the first phase in a five-year plan to either renovate or build new stations across the region.

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(7) Comments:

#1. Posted by No way! on June 04, 2018

No God No!

Let’s see how will die from Tasers, there are a lot of people with heart problems, few are victim epileptic seizures.

How wrong is this Police Force?!

#2. Posted by annie angoyuak on June 04, 2018

So you would rather have people shot with a 9 mm handgun! this can save lives!

#3. Posted by Rosy picture on June 04, 2018

“KRPF officers are frequently recruited”...  Haha.  That’s a pretty rosy way to look at it!  The reality is that KRPF officers burn out quickly and apply elsewhere. They aren’t recruit in so much as they are desperate to leave. 

If KRPF gets money to train drug impairment recognition officers, other police directors will be happy.  These officers will also quickly burnout and will apply elsewhere, just like the previous intoxilyzer officers etc. 

Perhaps someone from the MSP should ask themselves why KRPF needs new police stations after less then 20 years.  It’s another reflection of the lack of vision and leadership that has defined KRPF!

#4. Posted by No way! on June 05, 2018

#2, maybe, should wake up, stop fooling around with Crimes!

At least damn slow down drinking, think about your child, children, growing up children. Or, even think about our health, since our bodies are getting refilled with toxin substances, poisonous alcohol killing our innocent organs through liver, liver is high organ cleaning system for our blood.

Let’s focus on our children, their organs are still growing, feed them well with nutritious meals, country food, there are many children in poverty, because of alcohol & drugs, stop abusing our children-adults-elders


#5. Posted by Ches on June 06, 2018

The tasters are a start, now to additional changes. The body armour is not needed nor is the sidearms. Police are a part of the society and theses unneeded things only further fracture us into camps of us and them. It’s bad for everyone and a fallback on USA style which has a industry of incarcerating lots of the population for profit. Time to rethink review where these things lead.

#6. Posted by Nunavimmiuq on June 06, 2018


Stop treating us like animals, we understand together, why tasers?!

We are humans easily focussing on our flashbacks, of what happened to us before, many of us are struggling enough, many of us were abused in many ways, what more to receive?!

Plus, we are not southerners period!

#7. Posted by Billy on June 07, 2018

So many comments by so many experts. The best way to avoid getting tazed is to not resist and comply. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

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