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NEWS: Around the Arctic October 24, 2012 - 9:53 am

Inuktitut remains one of Canada’s strongest aboriginal languages: StatsCan

Inuktitut is spoken by 34,110 Canadians


The 2011 Census recorded more than 60 aboriginal languages in Canada, which are grouped into 12 distinct language families, “an indication of the diversity of aboriginal languages in Canada,” said Statistics Canada in its Oct. 23 release on the linguistic characteristics of Canadians.

More than 213,000 people reported speaking an aboriginal mother tongue in 2011, StatsCan said.

The Cree languages, Inuktitut and Ojibway were the three most frequently reported aboriginal mother tongues.

With 34,110 speakers, Inuktitut was by far the most frequently reported mother tongue within the Inuit language family, StatsCan said.

People with Inuktitut as their mother tongue lived mainly in Nunavut or Quebec.

About 95 per cent of the people whose mother tongues was Inuktitut said they spoke Inuktitut “most often” or “regularly” at home.

For more information, you can read the complete report on aboriginal languages in Canada here.

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