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LETTERS: Iqaluit January 09, 2017 - 4:00 pm

Iqaluit Action Lab thanks those who helped at New Year’s celebration

“Your smiles, your spirit, and your energy made the whole thing worthwhile”


On New Year’s Eve a little bit of community magic happened in Iqaluit.

Before we get too far into the new year, we—the board of the Iqaluit Action Lab—want to take the opportunity to thank the many people, businesses, and community organizations who helped create this magic.

The Canada150 New Year’s Eve in Iqaluit would not have been the same without help from the following people:

Creation Station:
Joelle Lavallée and her amazing team of volunteers, including Chloé Ryan, Marie Lee Aliyak, Joanie Bouchard, Johanna Paquin, Mélissa Bascunan, Vincent Hébert, Danielle Samson, Mark Aspland, Marie-Josée Fortin, Éliane Fortin, Emily Breen, Taqialuk Nowdlak, David Marineau Plante, Tommy Tremblay, Amel Mekideche and Cagri Yilmaz. Heartfelt thanks also to Grind and Brew and Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce for their generosity.

Inuit Celebration/Suluvinniq:
Mary Wilman and Elisapi Aningmiuq, and all the wonderful performers and models involved. This team of amazing volunteers include Steve Carter for sound tech and support, Tukisigiarvik for lending their tent and providing bannock, all the people who shared clothing for the fashion show, QIA for the use of their seal and caribou skin clothing, Jasen Kelly and Madeline Allakariallak for providing music, and Inukpak Outfitting for lending their qamotiq and furs. A special shout-out to all the beautiful Aqsarniit Middle School Dancers, who learned the Inuktitut dance Tiilaliingujaq for this event, with particular recognition to ones who performed: Hailie Alexander, Mary-Jane Aoudla, Shyanne Aoudla, Gary Akpik, Annie Davidee, Cindy Alariaq, Jennifer Erkidjuk, Napatchie Ann Judea. Our appreciation also goes the Aqsarniit Illiniarvik Middle School and especially to cultural teachers Annie Ipiq and Rosie Kopalie.

Heather Daley and Alannah Johnston (Alianait) and all the musicians who presented an amazing variety show of local talent for 5.5 hours. Thanks also to Chris Coleman and Daniel Taukie for sound, Lauren Nevin with Simon Daley for lighting, volunteer Todd Galloway for setup, and Nunavut Moving & Services for transportation.

20:17 Family Fireworks:
Mike Salomonie (Road to Nowhere Amateur Pyrotechnics) with Fred Wade and Wes Smith for their leadership and direction. Thanks too for the essential support from Nunavut Airport Services, the Iqaluit RCMP, Hanson’s Construction, Uqsuq Corporation, the Nunavut Research Institute with special thanks to Mary-Ellen Thomas and Rick Armstrong, the Elks, Fireworks FX, and Kudlik Construction.

Setup, cleanup, and everything in-between:
Thank you to Inuksuk High School for your trust and strong community spirit, with special thanks to Steve Carter and Romeyn Stevenson. Thanks also to Natalie O’Grady, C&K Services, and NunaForce especially Cedric Rusike, and Shuvinai Mike.

Communications and getting the word out:
Thanks to Francois Fortin for managing communications. Thanks also to all the staff at CBC Nunavut for their support and enthusiasm.

Catering: Tukisigiarvik, the Grind and Brew, and the Inclusion Café. 

Thank you to the Government of Canada for funding this event.  And a special thanks to Laura Rathgaber, Brigitte Gibson, and Daname Gogue at the Department of Canadian Heritage

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who attended. Your smiles, your spirit, and your energy made the whole thing worthwhile.

If we’ve missed anyone, we apologize.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and joy-filled 2017!

Robyn Campbell, Romani Makkik, and Bethany Scott
Iqaluit Action Lab
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