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NEWS: Iqaluit August 27, 2012 - 5:20 am

Iqaluit man facing same-day sex charges released on $1,000 surety

Accused barred from contact with any woman who’s not a family member


An Iqaluit man facing two sexual assault charges alleged to have occurred at two different locations in Iqaluit Aug. 14 has been released on a $1,000 surety, following a show cause hearing in Iqaluit Aug. 24.

Lucassie Ipeelie, 24, faces at least 10 charges, including two counts of sexual assault, as well as forcible confinement, uttering threats, assault, two counts of breaching a probation order, two counts of impaired driving, and one count of dangerous driving.

Justice of the peace Nicole Sikma released Ipeelie on the condition that his mother, who takes responsibility for her son, put down a non-cash deposit of $1,000.

A surety means that if Ipellie breaches the conditions of his release, his mother will lose the $1,000.

Ipeelie had been held in custody for about 10 days prior to the Aug. 24 hearing.

Now Ipeelie will live within a form of house arrest under the supervision of one of his parents.

He is allowed to make trips outside of his home under the condition that he let the RCMP know when he leaves and when he returns.

At all times, he must be accompanied by at least one parent.

Ipeelie must not come into contact with any woman, other than family members, without the presence of a parent.

A routine publication ban prevents the publication of evidence given at Ipeelie’s show-cause hearing. It also bars the publication or broadcast of the reasons given by the JP for her decision.

But news organizations may report the decision itself and any conditions imposed on the accused while he waits for the court to deal with his charges.

On Aug. 14, Iqaluit RCMP responded to a call about a distraught woman outside a residence.

Police discovered a woman had been sexually assaulted at another location in the city and had eventually been released by her assailant.

Police then received a call from a “concerned resident” about a second sexual assault in progress outside a residence, a RCMP news release said Aug. 15.

Police then arrested and charged Ipeelie with six offences related to incidents alleged to have occurred Aug. 14.

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