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NEWS: Iqaluit May 10, 2018 - 8:00 am

Iqaluit man sentenced to one day in jail for axe-wielding rampage

Daniel Caza, 29, pleaded guilty to weapon charge

An Iqaluit man has been sentenced to a single day in court after he threatened residents with an axe during an intoxicated rampage earlier this year. (FILE PHOTO)
An Iqaluit man has been sentenced to a single day in court after he threatened residents with an axe during an intoxicated rampage earlier this year. (FILE PHOTO)

An Iqaluit man has been sentenced to a single day in jail after he threatened residents with an axe during an intoxicated rampage earlier this year.

Daniel Caza, 29, appeared in Nunavut court in Iqaluit on Wednesday, May 9 on a series of charges related to a Feb. 6 incident.

At about 2 a.m. that morning, Caza was found intoxicated banging on doors in the 300s area of Iqaluit, threatening residents with an axe.

The court heard May 9 that Caza believed someone had taken his children away from him and stormed out with an axe to address the issue.

In fact, Caza’s partner and his daughter had been out of the territory for the month prior to the incident.

When RCMP officers arrived in the scene, Caza was standing next to building 303 wielding an axe. He began walking towards the police vehicle, at which point officers got out of the car and arrested Caza.

Caza later resisted arrest during the booking process at the RCMP station, according to an agreed statement of facts read to the court.

Caza was charged Feb. 6 with carrying a weapon for dangerous purposes, assaulting a peace officer with a weapon and for breaching court orders directing him to keep the peace and abstain from intoxicating substances.

Caza was released from custody two days later, on Feb. 8. For his part, Caza said he doesn’t remember any of the incident.

Lawyers reached a deal May 9, in which Caza pleaded guilty to a single charge of carrying a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Justice Earl Johnson sentenced Caza to one day in jail, deemed to have been served by his court appearance Wednesday, a $100 victim surcharge and ordered to have the weapon forfeited.

Caza is set to appear in court again shortly on two other unrelated charges.

Johnson urged Caza to watch his behaviour until then.

“You were so drunk you don’t even remember what happened,” Johnson said to Caza during his sentencing. “That’s an indication that you have a problem with alcohol.”

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(15) Comments:

#1. Posted by Arlene Hache on May 10, 2018

1-day in jail for an axe-wielding rampage in an alcohol-fueled blackout??? That’s a problem!!!! The sentence is neither rehabilitative nor a deterrent. I expect to see that guy again. Lets hope he doesn’t succeed in killing someone on his next rampage.

#2. Posted by IceClass on May 10, 2018

Ridiculously lenient sentence!

Next thing you know, we’ll be handing out suspended sentences to child rapists.

#3. Posted by Nunalik on May 10, 2018

agree with #1, lets hope he doesn’t do it again but for 1 day for this kind of action is scarier

#4. Posted by Inukqi on May 10, 2018

Oh my Goodness!! Whatsa ma call this??? A night out with friends?? What a fake. What’s so different about him? Somebody special?  But even though,  he deserves to spend more time in jail.

#5. Posted by sad sack on May 10, 2018

#4, if you had a bit of money, you’re different in nunavut. otherwise you do your time like poor people. you have to be spoiled kid to do one night, oh will that’s western hemisphere justice for you, which is good but in others parts of the world they take you to the out-shirts of towns and (most likely) shoot you.

#6. Posted by Justice System... on May 10, 2018

The Justice System here in Nunavut is the biggest joke ever! Makes me wonder they do these messed up just to get more $$$ for themsekves knowing that there will always be jokers who don’t care. They are making them rich so they just keep doing these over and over and make even more $. They should give harsh sentences so they could make an example out of some idiots and they’ll see, it’s not worth breaking the law otherwise you’ll go to jail. But then again, most of these losers know they can get free meals 3 times a day and some place to sleep. What a joke!

#7. Posted by Safe on May 10, 2018

Not much point in calling the police. A waste of their time, my time and the court’s time. That’s the message that this judge sent, and it has been received and noted.
Maybe he doesn’t remember the incident, but I bet the police he tried to attack remember, and I bet the neighbors that he terrorized remember. I guarantee you that this incident is just a fraction of the drunken, loud hell that this guy regularly exposes his neighbors to.

#8. Posted by Safe on May 10, 2018

Guys, relax, it’s okay! The judge urged him to watch his behaviour!


The guy was out on conditions that he anstain from alcohol and not disturb the peace. Then he did this. So clearly he isn’t able to or doesn’t care to “watch his behaviour.”

#9. Posted by Take a look around on May 10, 2018

If you drive by the house in question today, you will see a huge clear colourless garbage bag out there full of empty beer cans. Clearly he’s watching his behaviour!

#10. Posted by Also Bewildered on May 10, 2018

The story reads..“Lawyers reached a deal May 9, in which Caza pleaded guilty to a single charge of carrying a weapon for a dangerous purpose.”
  It seems I remember not long ago a story where the judge expressed a lot of frustration with lawyers deals of conveyance and upped the ante with a much stiffer sentence..
Why the inconsistency from the bench?

#11. Posted by Hug a thug on May 10, 2018

Poor Daniel. I will give him a hug when I see him. He got sentenced to 1 day.
It’s a good thing the judge warned him. Don’t want to hurt his feelings.

#12. Posted by Evelyn Thordarson on May 10, 2018

This is very scary but in the South the parole boards let child molesters and murderers out on parole all the time and the local police let Alberta citizens know these convicts are out.How reassuring do you think this feels especially in the neighborhood where I live. So I really feel for the neighbors around this person. Even if someone is killed there is no guarantee that the convict is going to stay in jail.

#13. Posted by Mother of the victim on May 10, 2018

So basically the judge is telling me i can go and wait for him outside the cell with a axe and i will most likely get away with it.He is so playing victim here.
How on earth did this judge miss that my daughtor was a victim of his death threats to my daughtor and grandson a month before this rampage?!with his criminal history how and why is he allowed to walk away just 1 day after his so called ponishment?!

#14. Posted by Mother of the victim on May 10, 2018

He remember’s why he stormed out with an axe, but does not remember the incident?! Come on judge! Get a clue.

#15. Posted by sad sack on May 11, 2018

ok #8, your comment is very assuring, judge caution him eh? thanks for the info, now i feel more secure in the iqlauit dark allies and the wharf slum area.

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