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NEWS: Iqaluit March 24, 2014 - 2:29 pm

Iqaluit RCMP ask for help in search for missing homeless man

Benjamin Palluq not seen by health care workers for more than two weeks


Police in Iqaluit are asking the public to help locate Benjamin Palluq, an Iqaluit man with no fixed address who hasn’t been seen for at least two weeks.

Described as around five feet, 10 inches, and weighing about 130 pounds, Palluq is an Inuk man in his early 40s who appears to be much younger, with short black hair, brown eyes and a missing front tooth, police said.

He is known to frequent public spaces in downtown Iqaluit, such as Northmart, the post office and other public spaces, where he often asks for spare change.

“His clothing, what he was last wearing is not known,” said Sgt. Yvonne Niego, a spokesperson for the Iqaluit RCMP detachment.

“We’re looking for any information that would help find him.”

Niego said a family member reported to police, March 21, that Palluq had not been seen for “two to three weeks.”

His disappearance raised concerns, as Palluq is known to be on medication to treat an epileptic condition, and possibly other health problems, including possible mental health issues.

“He hasn’t been seen by anybody in the health field either, so it’s causing concern,” Niego said. “He’s on medication, and hasn’t picked up any.”

Palluq is known to frequent shelters and hangouts for the homeless in Iqaluit, she said.

“So far all avenues [in the search] are just about exhausted, police-wise,” Niego said. “That’s why we’re moving to request help from the public.”

Police are asking members of the public to call the Iqaluit RCMP detachment if they have any information related to Palluq’s whereabouts.

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