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NEWS: Iqaluit September 13, 2012 - 5:34 am

Makivik a no-show at NWMB hearing on beluga, narwhal and walrus

“It doesn’t seem to be a high priority or a large concern"


The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board hearings on the basic needs levels of beluga, narwhal and walrus, which took place this week in Iqaluit, would have been better had Makivik Corp. also participated, said Michael d’Eca, the legal counsel for NWMB.

The organization representing Nunavik Inuit was invited to the hearings, but the wildlife board did not receive a submission from Makivik.

“But that’s not an ordinance: it’s an invitation, and my understanding is that they have not taken us up on that invitation,” d’Eca said.

“I’m not personally aware whether there is harvesting by Nunavik Inuit of narwhal, beluga or walrus in the areas of equal use and occupancy.”

But, because there are shared animal populations with Nunavik, not having representatives at the hearing can make things difficult and “a little bit more challenging,” he said. 

“I know NTI has written more than one letter to Makivik seeking engagement,” said Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. wildlife advisor Glenn Williams. “It doesn’t seem to be a high priority or a large concern from that side if you were to interpret the lack of response.” 

Currently, there is no management regime on how to deal with the shared wildlife populations, although when the NWMB sets a total allowable harvest, it considers the impact on population shared between the two jurisdictions, Williams said.

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