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NEWS: Nunavik June 13, 2012 - 3:23 pm

Makivik applauds new bill recognizing customary adoption in Nunavik

"We were pleased to be associated with the development of those modifications to the Quebec civil code"


(updated June 14)

Makivik Corp. says that it’s pleased to be associated with an act, tabled June 13 in Quebec’s National Assembly, to amend Quebec’s civil code and other laws on adoption and parental authority so that these include provisions on aboriginal customary adoption.

The act, Bill 81 “to amend the Civil Code and other legislative provisions as regards adoption and parental authority,” will recognize Inuit customary adoptions and allow a “competent aboriginal authority”’ to issue an adoption certificate, which will be followed by a new birth certificate after a customary adoption.

Information about the bill says that a “competent aboriginal authority” will first confirm that an adoption has taken place according to local customs and assure, among other things, that:

• the parents agree to the adoption;

• the child has been given to the adoptive parents; and,

• the adoption is in the best interest of the child.

The aboriginal customary adoption certificate will then set out the name and sex of the child, the place, date and time of birth, the date of the adoption, the names, dates of birth and places of residence of the original father and mother and those of the adopters and, if applicable, the new name given to the child.

It will mention that the adoption took place in compliance with aboriginal custom and state whether a pre-existing bond of filiation, that is, relation, has been severed or is maintained.

Quebec’s Directeur de l’état civil will then prepare a new birth certificate.

Inuit customary adoption in Nunavik, which sees one out of five newborns adopted, needed an official recognition in the Quebec civil code to respect the parents and children’s civil, constitutional and treaty rights, Makivik said in a June 13 news release.

“We were pleased to be associated with the development of those modifications to the Quebec Civil code and this positive outcome shall, at last, resolve the everyday difficulties faced by our customary parents and children, in the respect of the Nunavik Inuit customary laws, rights and traditions,” said Jobie Tukkiapik, the president of Makivik.

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