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COMMENTARY: Around the Arctic January 23, 2015 - 5:08 pm

My Little Corner of Canada, Jan. 23

Bits and Pieces


Iqualuit, Ikaluit, or Iqaluit

When Iqaluit changed its name from Frobisher Bay to its original name several years ago, some bureaucrat spelled the name Ikaluit and most non-Inuit pronounced it that way because they couldn’t pronounce “qa” in the Inuktitut language.

People from the south and the media started spelling it “Iqualuit,” because they were taught in school that “q” was always followed by a “u,” and pronounced it that way. It means “dirty assholes.”

Most non-Inuit still pronounce it Ikaluit, which doesn’t really mean anything in Inuktitut. Public servants and media people should make an effort to say “Iqaluit” properly. 

If their tongues are too stiff to pronounce it properly, they should just say “The Big Fish.” New York City is referred to as “The Big Apple.” In Nunavut we can nickname Iqaluit as “The Big Fish.”

A Suggestion

The Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs are experiencing one of their worst years in their histories.  Their loyal fans (including myself) are just sick of their efforts. I have an idea that they should consider. They should trade all of their players to each other and see what happens. Anybody have better ideas?

A Salute

Joanna Awa recently decided to leave CBC North radio after many years as one of their most respected journalists.

I first met Joanna as a confident and ambitious young girl. Over the years she has established herself as one of the most notable Inuit journalists. She has told our stories well.

This Corner Quotes

“What country has a red maple leaf on its flag?”

A contestant’s (American) answer:


— A question on the TV game show Sale of the Century

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