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My Little Corner of Canada, Jan. 8

The Excited States of America


I believe it was Allan Fotheringham, a weekly columnist with Maclean’s magazine, who first coined the phrase “The Excited States of America” in reference to the U.S.  It is an appropriate nickname for our neighbor to the south.

There is always something to get excited about when it comes to the U. S. of A. It also seems that other people in other countries get excited about what the States are doing, either for or against.

It is true that the U.S. tends to get involved in the affairs of other countries when it comes to “protecting their interests.” And the “interests” of the U.S. are far-reaching.

Sometimes the U.S. uses its vast economic power to keep other countries “in line.” Sometimes it uses its mighty military power to subdue countries which threaten American interests.

If you want to get an American excited, all you have to do is talk about guns.  Ever since the U.S. became a country, it has had a love affair with guns.

“The right to bear arms” is part of the American constitution which is fiercely protected by the gun lobby.

The National Rifle Association is one of the richest and most powerful institutions in the country. Gun violence in the U.S. has killed more Americans than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

American citizens are the most heavily armed people in the world. Every time there is mass gun killing in the States, people rush to buy more guns.

In the last few years, mass killings with guns has exploded in the States.  The president of the United States is mostly helpless to do much about it because the gun lobby, with the help of its friends in Congress, has his hands tied.

Canada used to be described as being like a mouse sleeping next to an elephant.

Perhaps surprisingly, Canada has managed to be quite independent and plotted its own course in world affairs.  Many Americans are concerned that the U.S. is getting too conservative and moving too far to the right.

The term “Liberal” is seen by many Americans as a dirty word. Many Americans refer to Canada as the more reasonable country to the north.

The Excited States of America is by no means a perfect nation, but it is admired by many people around the world as a nation that stands for democracy, liberty, and freedom.

By others, it is sometimes described as “The Great Satan.” Love it or hate it, The Excited States of America is the most powerful nation in the world.

In the coming months before the American presidential election, Americans will be excited about Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, guns, and religion.

This Canadian will sit in Nunavut and watch, with some amusement, as our neighbors to the south get all excited.

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