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NEWS: Around the Arctic November 08, 2012 - 7:06 am

New Greenlandic film seeks help from movie-lovers to finish production

Nivi is a gritty film about drugs, corrupt cops and bad politicians


It’s not easy to make films in Greenland.

That’s why the producer of a new Greenland film Nivi is asking movie fans, who watch movies about and from Greenland, to help underwrite the film’s production.

By what he calls “crowd-funding,” filmmaker Kristian Nygård and his team hope to raise about $6,000 and finish their film, Nivi. They’ll look for the rest of what they need for the production from sponsorships and grants, Nygård said.

“Making films in Greenland is not the easiest thing in the world. We have a culture and a language that is not widespread, and there are limited opportunities to obtain financing for our projects. And to make films it costs a lot of money,” Nygård told Nuuk’s Sermitsiaq AG.

Nivi is about drugs, corrupt cops and bad politicians, he said.

“Nivi is a woman of 25 in Nuuk who is trying to hold together her drug business and to establish a relationship with the woman she loves, while shadows lurk in the background. A new, powerful and violent competitor threatens her drug-trafficking monopoly, so she is forced to resort to harsh measures. A drug-trafficking war in Greenland, as well as a showdown with corrupt police, politicians and all those who have made her hurt, becomes inevitable,” Nygård said.

He called Nivi a “strong and raw film from today’s Greenland” with its themes of love, crime, and desire to live in spite of past traumatic events.

Nygård was behind the Greenlandic feature film Aqqalu, made on a limited budget, which premiered last November in at the Katuaq cultural centre in Nuuk.

You can learn more about his Nygård’s Nivi project here, donate money to help him finish the film or simply make a comment.

You can also watch the trailer for Nivi, which has English text and a music soundtrack.  Warning: this trailer contains graphic images.


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