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LETTERS: Nunavut May 05, 2018 - 11:00 am

No answers, no info on “improved” Nunavut Harvester Support Program

“Why do we have workers and directors in our organizations earning over $100,000 a year and they do not serve us or provide answers?”

Baker Lake in the summer. The Baker Lake beneficiary who wrote this letter says she can't get information about the revamped Nunavut Hunter and Trapper Support Program from either the Kivalliq Inuit Association or Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (FILE PHOTO)
Baker Lake in the summer. The Baker Lake beneficiary who wrote this letter says she can't get information about the revamped Nunavut Hunter and Trapper Support Program from either the Kivalliq Inuit Association or Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (FILE PHOTO)

I’m sorry for having to resort to this newspaper to seek answers to my questions, since I’m not getting any response by contacting the people who have knowledge of the answers.

I have been contacted by others to push for a satisfactory response.

Approximately four or five years ago, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. shelved the Nunavut Harvester Support Program, or NHSP, to do some surveys to upgrade and to improve the program.

The program returned last spring with what were supposed to be improvements for beneficiary hunters.

Each Nunavut community used to get $95,000 each for hunting equipment of their choice.

The main rules in the past were for one applicant per household and, to be eligible, household income must not be over $75,000.

Local hunters and trappers organizations would distribute the applications, review them and make recommendations to the region’s NHSP director.

NTI took about four years to do the review. My calculations might be slightly off, but I would say $9.5 million that would have been allocated to the communities sat in the bank and must have earned some hefty interest, minus the cost of the review.

In my community, we never heard back about who won equipment. The questions I forwarded were:

1. Who won the equipment from last year?

2. When is the NHSP opening again for applications?

3. Will the communities receive the backlog of NHSP equipment that NTI owes to the communities?

4. What is NTI doing with the unused funds and with the interest that was earned?

It took four years for NTI to improve the process of the NHSP, but we have not heard much about what improvements they have made.

Why must I, as a beneficiary, have to go to news media to get my answers?

I sent several messages, going through the right channels with my questions.

The first one was to our hunters and trappers organization office, and they said to contact our region’s Inuit organization.

So I forwarded my questions to our Kivalliq Inuit Association representative.

Without getting any response, I thought I was in luck when I was told that KIA was having a board meeting in our community during the week of April 22 and I made another request to speak to the board.

Again, with no response by April 26, I asked where the meeting was being held.

“Meeting has changed to Rankin Inlet, as Baker Lake people are too aggressive towards KIA.”

I then sent written list of questions to be presented to the KIA board through our KIA representative. Again, it’s been a week since I fired off my questions and there has been no response of any kind.

I also asked that the NHSP director come to Baker Lake to explain to the people about the improved NHSP application process, including my list of questions.

Are we the only community not getting answers here, or is it the same with other communities?

Why do we have workers and directors in our organizations earning over $100,000 a year and they do not serve us or provide answers?

Joan Scottie
Baker Lake

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(16) Comments:

#1. Posted by Professor Flute on May 05, 2018

“Meeting has changed to Rankin Inlet, as Baker Lake people are too aggressive towards KIA.”
lol, if they can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!!!

#2. Posted by pissed off on May 05, 2018

So true!!!! no 1

The same goes for so much that is going on with all organizations in the North .

Collect your cheque and hide under the biggest rock you can find .
That way you don`t have a chance to get in trouble and actually have to work and make decisions for a living.

#3. Posted by Cecily Phelan on May 05, 2018

Good letter, Joan. No wonder they are afraid to meet in Baker Lake!

#4. Posted by Please read up on the program first on May 05, 2018

The new Hunter’s Support Program was announced announced some time ago.  Maybe you should ask questions that are actually relevant to the may the new program is designed, not ask for “who won equipment”.  Ars there legit questions to be asked?  Most definitely.

Educate your self first….

See link:

#5. Posted by Hat Tip on May 05, 2018

Great letter, these organizations should not be allowed to operate in the dark. There is too much room for corruption there. An audit would be a useful exercise I am sure.

#6. Posted by #fail #fail #fail on May 05, 2018

Hey, these Inuit organizations get how much from the Nunavut Trust? 30 or 40 or 50 million a year?

And with all those millions and millions they can’t even hire staff who can answer a phone call and answer some basic questions from an Inuk beneficiary?

About a program that is supposed to benefit Inuit beneficiaries?

Aluki Kotierk, you have failed.

David Ningeongan, you have failed.

Inuit organizations of Nunavut, you have failed.

Thanks for the letter, Joan. Keep on fighting!

#7. Posted by Theives! on May 05, 2018

And with the KIA receiving millions from Meadowbank Gold Mine, where is all the fkn money going?! We seriously need NEW!! KIA representatives in baker lake!! Seen a KIA employee up at the mine for a night or two, doing absolutely nothing. And he only tried to speak with French people not the INUIT!

#8. Posted by Nua on May 06, 2018

OGood article
One thing for sure we need new blood in the field and address properly and give answer to the voters whom are the real lead of the Territory .things has been only profit for them gang now to spread the wealth and have a proper system in place.
someone is going to have to pay back if they are not doing their job at all. whom where in residential school should not lead anything that has to do with.. us younger generation been triple tasking for things not being done.

#9. Posted by finance concerns on May 07, 2018

no financial information for so many years,,forensic audit is the only option

#10. Posted by Contacts on May 07, 2018

You made no mention of contacting NTI. A simple google search shows that they have an NHSP coordinator who’d be able to talk to his director and President who would have the information you’re looking for. I don’t think KIA would be in a position to answer all of those questions.

It’s easy to sling mud, make sure you’ve tried everything and given it some thought before you start burning bridges.

#11. Posted by Sigh on May 07, 2018

To #4 and #10,

Then maybe KIA could have provided her with more info? Should an Elder really be required to search things out on google? Or maybe, just maybe, the KIA liasons should start doing their job and working with/for elders.

Thanks for sending this letter, Joan. Its great to see you’re still standing up for our people!

#12. Posted by Weekend Hunter on May 07, 2018

Look into Nunavik’s hunter support program, instead of buying expensive boat. snowmobile or ATV for a few people that doesn’t last very long, why not use the same program like in Nunavik, subsidize fuel, hunting gear, bullets, fur, materials, gps/sat phones and so on.

#13. Posted by butting heads on May 07, 2018

This sounds more like a personality conflict than anything

#14. Posted by Hunter on May 07, 2018

You could also ask about the GN’s support programs for hunters. But you’d get the same response. Seems to be an epidemic.

#15. Posted by Fairly done, Joe at Haven. on May 08, 2018

I like your comment, there is just to much favouritism and corruption with
the present system.
The person in charge of distribution of support money in our community
gave machines to his own relatives, and yet people continue to support
No one to blame but ourselves.

#16. Posted by applicant on May 10, 2018

As a recent applicant to the NHSP program, I found it was a fairly simple application form to fill out and it took a couple of weeks for a decision to come back and a bit longer for the funds to arrive, but hey the process worked.

All the information anyone would need is on the NTI website
Application forms are available to individuals OR to Community Hunt Program as a group.

HTA’s or RIA’s won’t have any answers, NTI NHSP has an individual assigned to this, there should be a CLO in each community as well who would be able to help.

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