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NEWS: Nunavik November 06, 2018 - 1:15 pm

Nunavik mayors, councillors up for election Nov. 7

All but one of 14 communities will elect or re-elect a mayor

A voter in Kangiqsualujjuaq casts his ballot in the 2012 municipal election. Nunavimmiut head to the polls Nov. 7. (FILE PHOTO)
A voter in Kangiqsualujjuaq casts his ballot in the 2012 municipal election. Nunavimmiut head to the polls Nov. 7. (FILE PHOTO)

Nunavik voters go to the polls tomorrow—on Wednesday, Nov. 7—to elect new mayors and municipal councillors in the region’s 14 communities.

In each of Nunavik’s Northern Villages, polls open at 9 a.m. and stay open until 6 p.m.

Nunavimmiut will elect or re-elect mayors in all but one community; Kangirsuk’s mayor, Noah Eetok, has been acclaimed to another term as mayor.

In Kuujjuaq, two-term mayor Tunu Napartuk is not seeking re-election. There is a two-way race to replace him between candidates Sammy Koneak and Mary Johannes.

There are 14 candidates vying to fill six positions on Kuujjuaq’s municipal council. Among them is Kativik Regional Government chairperson Jennifer Munick, who has expressed interest in running to serve a second term as KRG chair.

The KRG’s regional council will hold its own executive elections at the end of the month, after each Northern Village has sent a newly elected representative to sit on its 14-member council.

You can see a list of candidates for mayor and councillors positions here.

Mayors and councillors in Nunavik are elected to three-year terms.

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(2) Comments:

#1. Posted by Is the vote over? on November 07, 2018

I saw 6 pm come and go, as the deadline for the vote. It was a good feeling knowing that I was not foolish enough to trouble myself to go to vote. In our Nunavik society, a vote is really worthless. Do anyone think for a moment that one candidate got a idea better than another? As a people we in Nunavik are so same that it’s like one big soul. Yes, one big non effective group of following whatever. Take the suicide prevention, held in Kuujjuaq last week, and now this week a meeting about DYP in Puvirnituq, and the state of our kids. The thing is the attendees, cannot make the connection, cannot line up the dots. In Kuujjuaq , I was told , one candidate didn’t want to speak outside of Inuktitut, and the other couldn’t speak anything but. Voters, from the greater Quebec society are expected to cast. Stupidity could win here.  Until people wake up in this inuit society, we are doomed.

#2. Posted by Jane on November 07, 2018

#1 - U nailed it on the head. What u stated applies equally in sorry-azz Nunavut. U shd go on speaking tour & share the truth:)

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