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NEWS: Nunavik November 08, 2018 - 3:30 pm

Nunavik’s regional government to get new chair following municipal elections

KRG chair Jennifer Munick not re-elected to council in Kuujjuaq

Kuujjuaq, Nunavik's largest community, has a new mayor, Sammy Koneak, after voters around the region went to the polls Nov. 7 to elect new municipal officials. (FILE PHOTO)
Kuujjuaq, Nunavik's largest community, has a new mayor, Sammy Koneak, after voters around the region went to the polls Nov. 7 to elect new municipal officials. (FILE PHOTO)

Nunavik’s Kativik Regional Government will soon choose a new chair, following the outcome of the region’s municipal elections held yesterday.

Jennifer Munick, who had served as the KRG’s chair for the past three years, was not re-elected to the Northern Village council in Kuujjuaq. Munick had expressed interest in serving a second term in the position.

The KRG’s regional council will elect its executive at the end of the month, after each Northern Village sent a newly elected representative to sit on its 14-member council.

Voters in 14 Nunavik communities went to the polls yesterday to elect new municipal leaders, with many, including Kuujjuaq, electing new mayors.

In Kuujjuaq, Nunavik’s largest community at roughly 2,800 residents, Sammy Koneak was elected, with 402 votes, against 388 for Mary Johannes.

“Nakurmiimarialuk Inuuqatikkaa nirualauratsi uvanni, kiggatutsialangavunga kuutjuamiunguqatikkanit ajuinnasiarlunga,” Koneak wrote Thursday morning on social media.

“Thank you very much fellow Kuujjuamiut for voting for me as your next mayor, showing your confidence in me, I will represent you well and give my best effort, I always give my best in any endeavour I undertake. We, as a community as a whole will need to step up and work together to achieve the best outcome for our beautiful community of Kuujjuaq and each other. I will need your support, can’t do it alone.”

He also thanked all candidates, “elected or not, for their commitment to this town.”

Shirley White-Dupuis, Claude Gadbois, Allen Gordon, Bobby Snowball Jr., Jobie Tukkiapik and Larry Watt, himself a former mayor of Kuujjuaq, were elected to the council.

In Nunavik, mayors and councillors are elected to three-year terms.

You can find the full results of Nunavik’s municipal elections below.

2018 Elections Results-En by NunatsiaqNews on Scribd

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(4) Comments:

#1. Posted by me on November 08, 2018

Sad to see Jennifer not re-elected !  I thought she worked tremendously.  keep on shining Jennifer.

#2. Posted by Sorry! on November 09, 2018

Jennifer worked very hard. She is smart and tolerant, just like a leader should be.  I can see her coming back.

#3. Posted by Votes matter on November 09, 2018

The residents of Kuujjuaq have had enough and want change. They voted for whom they believe are best suited for the job. Candidates who didn’t win did not appear to meet the expectations. That’s it, that’s all.
The same thing happened across Nunavik on voting day.

It’s sad when someone feels they have the trust and support of community members but the results of the election don’t lie. The results make a firm statement.

#4. Posted by Doesn’t matter on November 10, 2018

That’s not how it works in the small towns.  They vote depending who the candidates are, not what they can do for the community. If you have friends and family,  you’re in.  Even if you have shady behaviour and dark stuff from the past.

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