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NEWS: Nunavut April 05, 2018 - 1:30 pm

Nunavut coalition seeks community-based projects to fund

The Nunavut Food Security Coalition wants to end hunger among Nunavummiut

Nunavut Food Security Coalition hosts a country food feast at Inuksuk high school in January 2013. (FILE PHOTO)
Nunavut Food Security Coalition hosts a country food feast at Inuksuk high school in January 2013. (FILE PHOTO)

The Nunavut Food Security Coalition is now accepting funding proposals for projects this year.

Non-profit organizations, societies and municipal organizations that carry out food security activities, such free meal programs or cooking classes, can apply for money for projects that:

• Enable community members to actively participate.

• Contribute to the development or continuation of a food security project.

• Seek to reduce barriers to food access.

More than half of Inuit in Nunavut don’t get enough food, according to information from Statistics Canada.

If you want to apply for financial support from the coalition, you need to complete its Community Food Security Initiatives application form by April 20 at 5 p.m.

For more information, you can visit the website of the Nunavut Food Security Coalition, which was the result of territory-wide public consultations in 2010 and 2011 that looked at ways to tackle poverty in Nunavut.

The Makimaniq Plan included a commitment to develop at territorial action plan of food security, including the creation of a coalition and funding for community-based projects.

Today, the coalition is made up of over a dozen groups in Nunavut, including non-profits societies, government departments, private enterprises and Inuit associations.


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(5) Comments:

#1. Posted by Make it happen on April 05, 2018

Start a reindeer herding program on the island and create jobs with it.  It works in other circumpolar places why not here.

#2. Posted by Baffin Reindeer on April 05, 2018

There are Reindeer reserve Islands in Nunavut.. I’m surprised qia and the qwb haven’t pushed for some breeding stock to mix in with the Baffin herds. It would take pressure off the kivalliq herds.

#3. Posted by We are Hungry too... on April 06, 2018

Has our MLA forgotten about his people in CD. I can see DJ in that photo.

#4. Posted by A Good Plan on April 06, 2018

I just returned recently from Grise Fiord where there is an excellent program in place by the community and the Newfoundland fishers. The fishers buy food in NL cart it up to Grise Fiord on the fishing vessel and sell it at cost to the community. No freight. They open the “store” once or twice a week.

#5. Posted by boris pasternak on April 09, 2018

as long as you have nwc an acl at the controls as retail food pricers, this problem will never end for food insecurity problem anywhere they operate. the first one has been gouging for over one hundred and fifty years and the latter just over 60 yrs. they both have lot of experience over the years in highway robbery. i.e. your we card; 3$ service fee to purchase th coffee and donuts?

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