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NEWS: Nunavut November 05, 2012 - 1:31 pm

Nunavut MLA asks how DEAs resolve teacher-student conflict

“The student might be charged by the RCMP”


Amittuq MLA Louis Tapardjuk said in the legislative assembly Nov. 1 that he wants to know how district education authorities deal with school problems when there is conflict between a student and a teacher.

Nunavut district education authorities met in Iqaluit last month in Iqaluit to discuss a 43 per cent increase in new responsibilities under the current Education Act, passed in 2008.

“The question that I want to ask is, a teacher that is teaching a student, if ever they were to be charged by the RCMP, the student might be charged by the RCMP. What do you have to prevent that student being charged by the RCMP?” he said during question period.

Education minister Eva Aariak said the DEAs do take part in discussions on various issues in schools, but would be informed about problems through school principals, or whoever found out about the issue first.

Aariak said she didn’t have any information on police inside the school concerning teachers, but would look into the matter.

Tapardjuk also asked whether or not DEAs receive workshops “on the kinds of powers they have within the school.”

When DEAs are first elected, they are given a workshop and orientation in every community.

Tapardjuk said he’s concerned because, due to resignations, the people who sit on the DEAs are not always the same.

“Can the minister agree that if one of her staff can go to Hall Beach to give them a workshop or orientation, or does the community have to request for whether they can ask for somebody to come and give the orientation,” Tapardjuk said.

Aariak said the Department of Education can send people to communities to provide training, “and if it has to be that they bring them over to Hall Beach, we will do so,” she said.

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