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NEWS: Nunavut March 12, 2018 - 11:30 am

Nunavut pays more for cannabis than rest of Canada, StatCan says

Average cost per gram in Nunavut: $9.52


"Statistics Canada needs your help collecting cannabis prices. Tell us about your last purchase of dried cannabis—submissions are anonymous!" That's the message to people on the Cannabis Stats Hub, whose graphic is shown here.

Nunavut residents pay a big premium for marijuana, according to Statistics Canada.

The agency released on Friday new information on cannabis prices across Canada, under the auspices of its new online Cannabis Stats Hub—also dubbed StatsCannabis.

The hub’s price data is based on the answers to voluntary online surveys. It says that users in Nunavut pay $9.52, nearly $4 more per gram of cannabis than the national average of $6.83 for a gram of cannabis, and almost twice more than in Quebec, where a gram of cannabis costs only $5.88.

But there’s some good news for those who like their weed in Nunavut: the cost per gram has dropped from $11.34 in 2010.

Medical marijuana sells still for an average of $10.47 in Nunavut.

In the Northwest Territories the cost of a gram of cannabis is $11.46, according to Cannabis Stats.

These figures all come from people who provided information voluntarily on the Cannabis Stats hub for Jan. 25 to Feb. 28. You are still able to contribute information online/.

The goal of the survey is to create “a rich open set of data all Canadians will be able to use to better understand the transition towards legalization,” according to the hub’s web page.

In the survey, respondents are asked to report if they use cannabis on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, how much they use, what they pay, whether it’s of good quality and what jurisdiction they live in.

The majority who reported information so far indicated that they use cannabis on a daily basis.

Those who reported daily use indicated that they consume an estimated 28 grams of cannabis per month—that is, about one gram per day. Individuals who consume less than once per day indicated that they consume 6.3 grams of cannabis per month.

In Nunavut, a daily use habit could cost you more than $250 a month.

The majority of respondents (61 per cent) indicated purchasing high quality cannabis: “Very few Canadians indicated they were purchasing low quality cannabis,” Cannabis Stats’s report said.

The report also included information on cannabis offences from 2016. In it, Nunavut showed more than double the rate of offences for possession than nationally and more than 15 times the rate for trafficking.

Arrests for drug-impaired driving were also about three times more common in Nunavut in 2016 than overall in Canada.

Nunavut has also been collected public feedback from people in the territory on cannabis, which is heading towards legalization in Canada.

The deadline for comments on the territory’s future cannabis regulations wrapped up March 9.

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(25) Comments:

#1. Posted by Qatsini? on March 12, 2018

LOL…someone fed that system some incorrect information!  Pot smokers in Iqaluit would be thrilled to be able to buy pot for $10.50 a gram.  For years the standard for a street gram was $30 and if you could snag an ounce for $400 ($14.28/g) that was a great deal!

Mail order has dropped those prices pretty significantly but you’d still be hard pressed to score a street gram for less $20.

#2. Posted by Nurez on March 12, 2018

Where in Nunavut are you buying weed for $9? Ive been getting ripped off paying $50/gram,lol.

#3. Posted by earth3rd on March 12, 2018

I don’t know about those numbers. Weed was going between $40 and $50 per gram in Nunavut last time I checked, all the more reason you should be happy with legalization. At least you’ll get it cheaper then.

#4. Posted by iToke on March 12, 2018

I can’t wait for more affordable cannabis! Better selection too!

#5. Posted by Monica Connolly on March 12, 2018

$9.52 - 6.83 = $2.69, which is nearly $2.75, not nearly $4.00.

#6. Posted by Numbers on March 12, 2018

Those Nunavut prices look pretty low to me but you have to remember that with data, the output is only as good as the input.

I think most Nunavut weed smokers have been too stoned and lazy to go on the site and add their information.

C’mon all you Nunavut stoners! Fire up your computers and put in the correct information!

#7. Posted by secret on March 12, 2018

.7 of gram goes for $20, a quarter of an ounce goes for $100 I heard of a mythical rumor that one very nice dealer selling a quarter for $85.

#8. Posted by wheeler on March 12, 2018

Iqaluit people can get overnight delivery from Canadian holistics,stress free delivery.if you look carefully you can find 3 to 5 dollars a gram in Ontario and BC.

#9. Posted by Secret on March 12, 2018

$50 a gram in arviat lol

#10. Posted by boo on March 12, 2018

I read the report. They didn’t include prices that they thought people were making up like $50 a gram. Too bad because that is the reality for a lot of people in the North.

#11. Posted by Susan on March 12, 2018

it’s stuck at 60 in Cape Dorset.

#12. Posted by No one responded, LOL on March 12, 2018

Yeaaaaaaa, kinda helps when they have real or even more information…. Might have wanted to check how many people reported before writing this story….

If you look at the spreadsheet, we can see all of 3 people that reported prices in Nunavut between Jan 24th and Feb 21st. And because of one of them reporting the price of a gram in Kugluktuk to be $5….. it brought the average right down, hahaha


#13. Posted by Arnaa on March 12, 2018

Talking about miluksi, it’s been all over Nunavut and regions since the 70’s, including alcohol,cigarettes and junk food so stats are NEVER accurate.

#14. Posted by Pot Head GN on March 12, 2018

So its 10$ a gram in all the provinces. Its only less if you’re buying in bulk. Then come to nunavut and its double that for mostly low quality. Better to order from down south. I think people thought if they put in a lower number we might get low prices when it is legalized. Who pays for weed with exact change like make sure to bring that 54

#15. Posted by iRoll on March 12, 2018

Nunatsiaq News, I don’t expect you will win any awards for being in touch with the realities of Nunavut with this article.

#16. Posted by The Old Trapper on March 13, 2018

This article got me thinking that the GN could work to lower the cost of living in Nunavut by working with one (or more) of the banks to bring everyday electronic banking to every community. The main advantage would be using electronic payments or interact e-transfers, and you could also put an atm in the hamlet office or post office.

What this does is brings internet shopping to each community. This would not only bring down prices at Northern or the Co-op, as these stores would be competing with southern stores for dry goods, it also lowers the cost of marijuana to Nunavuumiut.

Nunavuumiut would be able to order from one of the many Mom (mail order marijuana) sites. Shipping through Canada Post is cheap, safe, and secure. Medical cannabis is already sent through CP and federal law restricts the RCMP from illegal search of mail.

Next question, will the Minister of Finance negotiate with one of the banks to get Nunavut into the 21st century?

#17. Posted by Andrew A in Rankin on March 13, 2018

#16 Interesting ideas. My only big concern with mail order is if some shifty people who work at the post office decide to start stealing our cannabis. I have heard this happens in some communities.

#18. Posted by I was thinking on March 13, 2018

I was thinking something really weird happened.  Like prices went way, way down but I guess not. 

I guess the headline price will be next year. 

I hope people will have more money for other things like ATVs and snowmobiles.

#19. Posted by A very old lady on March 13, 2018

I wish weed was this cheap qatchinickers ripping peopl off

#20. Posted by You know who on March 13, 2018

Let’s petition our effective former liberal minister to make it part of nutrition North

#21. Posted by wow on March 13, 2018

Read the article and see they are talking about ” MEDICAL MARIJUANA” not street marijuana.

#22. Posted by iRoll on March 14, 2018

#21 That’s strange, the article says “Medical marijuana sells still [sic] for an average of $10.47 in Nunavut”...

So, what does the $9.52 refer to?

#23. Posted by $9.52 on March 15, 2018

who carries change and pennies, or even accepts change


besides, everything here in Kug goes up by 20s starting at 20, like $20, $60 and up and up, $9.52 or $10.47 not even 20 dolla

Coop and Northern will have lots of pennies like crazy lol

#24. Posted by The Old Trapper on March 15, 2018

#17, from what I understand the MOMs ship in discreet packaging that is sealed to prevent any odour. Theoretically none of the CP employees should be able to tell that the package contains marijuana, be it flower, shatter, oil, edibles, etc. At least for southern addresses most MOMs use Express Post or similar which allows for tracing.

I will be absolutely honest that I don’t have any personal experience but I have been looking into MOMs for when cannabis becomes legal, hopefully by July 1, aka Cannabis Day (if Dennis Patterson and his Senate colleagues can get their heads out of their rear ends).

The banking suggestion is something that the GN really needs to consider. How can you participate in a modern economy without access to electronic banking?

Maybe one of the new MLAs will take up the cause. The GN could easily put some pressure on one or two of the banks they use to get this done.

#25. Posted by Pothead on March 16, 2018

Can somebody tell the dealers to go along here?

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