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NEWS: Nunavut December 31, 2015 - 4:00 pm

Nunavut RCMP kept hopping over the Xmas weekend

Assaults, mischief, vehicle collisions mar the holiday in Iqaluit

The Nunavut RCMP responded to 200 calls, 98 of them in Iqaluit, over the Christmas weekend. (FILE PHOTO)
The Nunavut RCMP responded to 200 calls, 98 of them in Iqaluit, over the Christmas weekend. (FILE PHOTO)

Police worked a busy holiday weekend across Nunavut this Christmas, responding to 200 calls for service between Dec. 24 and Dec. 27, the RCMP said Dec. 30 in a news release.

Nearly half those calls, 98, occurred in Iqaluit, police said.

Between Dec. 24 and Dec. 27, the Iqaluit RCMP responded to 32 calls for mischief and causing a disturbance.

Strong winds and blizzard conditions in Iqaluit also led to more motor vehicle incidents, especially on Dec. 26, when police received 19 calls for service.

The RCMP saw several vehicles stuck in the snow on roadsides and parking lots over the weekend, and responded to two collisions.

In one accident, on Dec. 25, a 24-year-old Iqaluit woman, while driving drunk, crashed her vehicle into a utility pole near the RCMP building.

The woman now faces a charge of operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration greater than 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood

In another incident, on Dec. 27, two vehicles were involved in a head-on collision, and police issued a 24-hour licence suspension to one of the drivers.

“No injuries… but both vehicles sustained substantial damage,” the RCMP said.

The police also responded to six assault complaints. Two of these, which took place Dec. 26, involved domestic disputes.

In one incident, police arrested a 34-year-old man and charged him with a spousal assault. In the other, police arrested a 27-year-old woman and charged her also with a spousal assault.

Police also investigated six liquor act violations.

The busiest day: Dec. 25, Christmas Day, when police in Iqaluit responded to 35 calls.

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