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NEWS: Nunavut March 05, 2018 - 10:45 am

Nunavut still open to public input on cannabis regulations

March 9 marks deadline for submitting comments

You still have a few days to tell the Nunavut government how you think cannabis should be regulated in the territory, with the deadline for submitting comment cards set for March 9.  (PHOTO BY BRIAN SHAMBLEN/FLICKR CC-BY 2.0)
You still have a few days to tell the Nunavut government how you think cannabis should be regulated in the territory, with the deadline for submitting comment cards set for March 9. (PHOTO BY BRIAN SHAMBLEN/FLICKR CC-BY 2.0)

Nunavut residents have until Friday to tell the Government of Nunavut what they think about the legalization of cannabis in Canada and how the territory should regulate the production, sale and consumption of recreational cannabis.

Comment cards are available in all communities at health centres, government liaison offices and income support offices, or can be downloaded and returned by email.

You can also simply email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The federal government’s Bill C-45 is on track to legalize the sale and possession of recreational cannabis as of July 2018.

But it will be up to Nunavut to decide how the legislation applies throughout the territory, on issues such as imposing a minimum age and setting limits on where marijuana can be used.

So far, the GN has gauged public opinion through a survey distributed throughout the territory last fall.

And it recently wrapped up community consultations and released a discussion paper to spark feedback.

All provinces and territories, with the exception of Nunavut and Saskatchewan, have already come up with either a framework or proposed legislation around cannabis use.

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(13) Comments:

#1. Posted by Robbie Cormier on March 05, 2018

First keep it out of the kids hands, second a clean product that has been tested.. needs to be sold at a goverment outlet. Shout all dispensaries down immediately because there not testing for pesticides and other chemicals.  Age requirement should be 21 and not 19. Medical patience no age recommended as long as they are assigned by there doctor.  I just ended the MMIWG in Rankin Inlet 2 weeks ago with my wife Danielle Lyall from Spence Bay.
I am a LP grower trou health Canada ,  I won first place in organic flowering at the Peace East 420 in 2017.
I’m looking to grow medical grade on an up scale to create work for others by the book. I under stand it not cost efficient to grow up North.That is why, I am offering my service to youes.  We can work together for a safer better world.
I was once on opiates for my chronic pain. Tks to medical marijuana I am opiate free, I got my life back and my kids have there dad back. It’s not about the $$, it about helping others live a healthier.

#2. Posted by iToke on March 05, 2018

The GN has no bloody clue what to do or how to even approach the idea of what to do. So here they are, paralysed by fear and gripped with inertia.

Hilarious, isn’t it?

I think so.

#3. Posted by Sensible Policy on March 05, 2018

#2: Can’t blame them. They are stuck in the middle between the feds telling them they have to legalize it, and the Inuit orgs telling them that legalizing it will lead to an apocalypse.

#4. Posted by Nunavumiut on March 05, 2018

Again, education is key! Jumping in head first into something no one has a clue how to handle is dangerous. The Feds and GN are rushing into legalizing cannabis. Establish a firm foundation of: educated population, programs to help 1) the addicted, those abusing substances, 2)the abused, the victims that are affected negatively by users. Most importantly, Nunavummiut need to learn to cope with societal struggles that we face each day.

#5. Posted by Brain Damage on March 05, 2018

I don’t think the health system is prepared for the onslaught of mental health problems that weed smoking by teens is doing. They are damaging their still forming brains and I keep seeing the negative results in my teen relatives and their friends - from psychotic breakdowns to dropping out of school and lack of any ambition.
These teens go on to be adults with no skills or ambition, but frequent anger when they can’t get a joint.
The health implications really need to be looked at before any legalization happens.

#6. Posted by Bong On on March 05, 2018

@#5 I strongly agree, I have the same concerns. But you’re assuming people will consume more. They probably will, particularly if it’s significantly cheaper, but I guess it remains to be seen.

I don’t think there is enough acknowledgement of the health dangers. This isn’t “reefer madness” overreaction - I think we’ve swung too far in the other direction. We laughed at the Reagan-era policies on the mild 80s era pot. Now cannabis is so strong it’s basically a hard drug, causing psychosis and schizophrenia and we’re all like “it’s just pot”.

#7. Posted by The Old Trapper on March 06, 2018

N U N A T S I A Q.  N E W S
NEWS: NUNAVUT July 2, 2018 - 10:15 am

The Government of Nunavut today is questioning why the federal government has gone ahead with the legalization of cannabis even though they have repeatedly said that they are not yet ready for the legislation.

The GN has not said how the federal government’s action will affect plans for it’s fourth survey on how it should handle the new law, how it will affect public consultations which are slated to start in Pond Inlet in November, or whether it will try to speed up the consultations which are planned through March of 2021.

The GN spokesperson denied that the reason that they were not ready is that most of the staff working on the legislation were still testing the difference between sativa and indica, and whether they needed separate legislation for each strain.

In other news the GN announced that all offices would now close at 4:20.

#8. Posted by iToke on March 06, 2018

#4 - Your comment is at first, sensible enough, then it devolves into absurdity. It goes something like this: Let’s create a utopian society before we legalize cannabis!

#5 - Your comment starts at absurdity and stays there. It goes like this: Marijuana! The scourge of youth! Whoa unto civilization! *Reefer madness* It’s comical, but does not reflect reality, only fear your fear, ignorance and prejudice.

#6 Cannabis does not cause schizophrenia. More ignorance and fear. Besides, regulation will mean that the strength of THC entering the market will now be controlled. So this is actually addresses your fears.

#7 Your comment deserves to live on in perpetuity

#9. Posted by uvaga on March 06, 2018

lots of drug dealers in Chester and Rankin, I heard they get it mailed by post office and from Post Office they ship it out to other communities by plane.

#10. Posted by Andrew A on March 06, 2018

#9 I heard some guys even steal it from them too.

#11. Posted by Brain Damage on March 06, 2018

#8 iToke - yes, you are absurd. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. You can try to make light of ‘reefer madness’,  but there is brain damage in smoking teens, only a dealer would try persuade otherwise. This is happening now. That is reality.

#12. Posted by iToke on March 07, 2018

#11 In case you didn’t know, kids are prohibited from purchasing cannabis under the legalization regime. In fact a major feature of the legalization plan is making cannabis less accessible to kids.

Speaking of reality: cannabis is already in their hands, as you seem to recognize. So with that in mind, what is your point?

#13. Posted by northerner on March 07, 2018

Id want hamlet truck drivers tested randomly in the dy for saliva test.  dont want legal stoners being unsafe on the road while working big trucks and tractors. 

bet if they did that in smaller communities then lots of people loosing working hours!

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