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LETTERS: Nunavut January 24, 2014 - 3:30 pm

Obituary for Tommy Takpanie Sr. of Iqaluit

Tommy Takpanie Sr., Feb. 25, 1936 — Dec. 5, 2013


It is with great sadness that we announce the peaceful death of Tommy Takpanie Sr., at the age of 77, with family by his side, Dec. 5, 2013 at Qikiqtani Hospital.

Much-loved and loving husband of predeceased wife (Tikishak) and beloved father of Kunnuk, Pauloosie and Tommy Jr. and their adopted children: Jamesee, Mary, Kiloyah, Jackie and Qiatshuk. Also, grandfather to (Kunnuk’s children) Roxanne, Mosha, Katherine, Tamara, (Paul’s children) Betty, predeceased by Noah, (Tommy Jr.’s children ) Appa, Suvega, Pitseolala, (Mary’s children) Appa, Mosha, Daphne-Ann, (Kiloyak’s children) Marybeth, Emma, Amanda (Jackie’s children) Joseph, Jace.

Fondly remembered by his dear sister, Kapik Noah, (Kapik’s children), Caroline and Mosha, (Caroline’s children) Natasha, Brandon, and Mark Jr. (Mosha’s children) Michael, Peter, Eletha, Alexina, Izabella, and Zandaya.

Son of the late Nuna Noah,and Kiatshuk Noah. Predeceased by five brothers and three sisters.  Step-sister Kitty, (Kitty’s children) Noah, Johnboy, Sam Michael, Joseph, and Mary. Step-brother Nowdlak, (Honeycomb) and Etuk. Niece, Kamiga Noah, (Kamiga’s children) Tudja, predeceased by Tracy, and James. (Tudja’s children) Austin and Chantel.

Tommy’s Takpanie’s relatives are all those of Captain George Cleveland, his grandfather and Kiatshuk’s father.

Takpanie was a hunter, a carver, heavy equipment operator, foreman at Nanisivik Mine, and worked for the Armarok Hunters and Trappers Association.

He will be remembered for his singing and his words that made us laugh. I was told that he could make all the sounds of the animals. He was an amazing, funny, and loving father.

He made sure we were never hungry. I even wrote a poem about his hunting.

One time he went to get his ear wax taken out. After, when the doctor finished it, he went to the doctor and gave him the biggest hug and a kiss and the doctor was in shock. Many stories to write about, but you already know him.

We would like to thank the many people who helped us:

• Kapik Noah for coming in from Alberta for her brother’s burial.
• Katherine and Tamara Takpanie from Ottawa for coming to grandpa’s burial
• Tudja Noah who did a lot of paper work
• Leesa and Johnny for being with us and her family
• Doctors and nurses at Qikiqtani hospital
• John Hussey, chief Administrative Officer
• Jake Gebara for the funeral arrangements
• Anglican church
• Paul Okalik and Monica Ell for feeding us fresh caribou
• People who brought in flowers
• People who came for the funeral and the church service
• Manasie Mark for his singing
• Marie Michael from Qikiqtani Inuit Association
• First Air and Canadian North
• Kakivak Association and Joanasie Kanayuk for bringing food
• Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.
• Suny Jacob and Rosemary Wall for bringing food to my place
• Thank you for to all those who I have missed out.

Thanks so much for the support. My little family and I will always thank you for caring for us and being with us through the hard time we went through.

From Kunnuk, Pauloosie, Tommy, Jamesie, Kiloyak, Jackie and Qiatshuk.

Kunnuk Takpanie

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