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NEWS: Ottawa October 03, 2018 - 10:30 am

Ontario police seek escaped Iqaluit murderer

Kootoo Quaraq (Korgak) used a scarf to strangle Inusiq Akavak in 2000 at the eight-storey high-rise

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Kootoo Quaraq (Korgak) is asked to call the OPP ROPE squad at 1-416-808-5900, toll free at 1-866-870-7673 (ROPE), Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), or to call 911. (OPP HANDOUT PHOTO)
Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Kootoo Quaraq (Korgak) is asked to call the OPP ROPE squad at 1-416-808-5900, toll free at 1-866-870-7673 (ROPE), Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), or to call 911. (OPP HANDOUT PHOTO)

The Ontario Provincial Police “ROPE,” or Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement squad, has issued a Canada-wide warrant for a convicted murderer from Iqaluit, Kootoo Quaraq, 49, who is now at large in either Ottawa or Montreal.

Quaraq had been staying at a correctional facility in Ottawa, but failed to report back after being released on day parole, the OPP said.

Quaraq, after a jury trial in April 2001 when he was aged 32, was found guilty of second-degree murder for killing Inusiq Akavak, 39, his spousal partner, on Feb. 10, 2000, at an apartment they shared in Iqaluit’s eight-storey high-rise building.

Quaraq had used Akavak’s scarf to strangle her to death, and her five-year-old daughter was present in the apartment during the killing.

Quaraq, whose name was spelled “Korgak” at that time, had previously been charged with assaulting Akavak, and when he killed her, was free on a release order.

Justice Mary Hetherington sentenced him to life in prison with no eligibility for parole until after 12 years.

He is five feet, six inches tall and weighs about 125 pounds, police said, and has brown eyes, black hair and a medium complexion.

Anyone with information that could help police locate Quaraq should contact the OPP ROPE squad at 1-416-808-5900, toll-free at 1-866-870-7673, CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS,) or by calling 911.

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(15) Comments:

#1. Posted by Bright Side on October 03, 2018

At least this will destroy any chance he had to eventually be paroled.

#2. Posted by Justice on October 03, 2018

Maybe stop letting murderers get day passes to frolic around town? Ridiculous.

#3. Posted by Nunavutmiuta on October 03, 2018

He took a ladies life with his bare hands, I’d say, Take a Life get a life.

#4. Posted by Observer on October 03, 2018

What is wrong with our justice system. Any knucklehead would know you don’t give out day passes to murderers…do the crime do the time no exceptions…hope they find him before he hurts someone else

#5. Posted by Pissed Off!! on October 03, 2018

The justices of Canada does not care about their law abiding citizens. There are to men in our community who killed another man in different communities and both have been released. They served less than 7 years in prison for manslaughter charges. How can it be manslaughter when both men stomp and killed 2 different men? Why do we as a community have to be victimized again knowing that the justice system is allowing murderers to be set free and to (probably) commit the same serious crimes as before. There is no justice to protect the Canadian citizen. None.

#6. Posted by Always the way!! on October 03, 2018

We only see killers get serious time if they kill a police officer, 20 years
or so.
Well said on all comments.
Uncaring legal people live in world of their own.

#7. Posted by Really on October 04, 2018

A convicted murderer in jail and was given a day pass??? I am speechless.

#8. Posted by kuujjuaq on October 04, 2018

Jacob Angnatuk lariaalu!

#9. Posted by Paul Murphy on October 04, 2018

Perhaps he is here in Iqaluit by now!m Be alert people.

#10. Posted by Thomas on October 04, 2018

Hey # 9 - like how would he get here. I know…he flew with a buddy pass and had ID. Like get your head together.

#11. Posted by Paul Murphy on October 04, 2018

Gosh I didn’t know prisoners on day parole didn’t have money id and friends. Hey Thomas thanks for helping me get my head together.

#12. Posted by Inuk the hunter on October 04, 2018

Number 9,How would he get on the plane.What is the 2nd charge and wonder why he took off.He use to be good helper to my uncule.Mistake happens every where.

#13. Posted by Unbelievable!! on October 05, 2018

Inuk the hunter. I cannot believe how you can process killing a woman with your bare hands a mistake. I made a mistake on my exam so I will change the answer. I made a mistake in preparing bannock. How can I fix it so I do not have to through away all the ingredients. A person who wraps a scarf around a womans neck and suffocating her to death is not a mistake. It would have been a mistake if he first had the scarf in his hands and decided to kill the woman but once he placed all his strength in squeezing the life out of her is not a mistake. He meant to Kill her. Wow, I cannot believe how some people think and react towards another human being. He is a cold blooded killer and should have been behind bars instead of day parole. We live in a sad world when someone else says that my uncle made a mistake when he intentionally killed another human being. You need help.

#14. Posted by Pressure on October 05, 2018

Correct # 13,
People can only take so much, then they retaliate.

#15. Posted by Who is at fault ? ( Iqaluit ) on October 08, 2018

A sorry state is the Canadian justice system, all the do gooders doing
  their best for evil criminals, giving unbelievable excuses to let them
go free.
What on earth is going on?

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