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NEWS: Nunavik September 04, 2012 - 5:31 am

Polls suggest PQ headed for win in Quebec election

One in three voters in Quebec expected to support Parti Québécois on Sept. 4


Today is voting day for people in Nunavik — and the rest of Quebec.

And the latest polls show that tomorrow Nunavimmiut may wake up to a new government, which will formed by the Parti Québécois.

Pauline Marois, the PQ leader, who said during the election campaign that she would, among other things, hold another referendum on Quebec sovereignty and toughen Quebec’s language legislation, said she expects her party will win all four ridings in northern Quebec.

Ungava, which includes Nunavik, and where the incumbent PQ MNA Luc Ferland is seeking re-election, is among these ridings.

A Sept. 3 Léger Marketing poll puts the PQ support at 33 per cent support, the Coalition Avenir Quebec at 28 per cent, and the Liberals at 27 per cent.

A final sampling of public opinion, taken Sept. 3 by the Forum PollTM among 2,781 randomly selected Quebec voters, puts the Liberals in second place, but still trailing the PQ.

The Forum poll found more than one third will vote PQ (36 per cent), giving the party a lead over the second place Liberals at 29 per cent.

One quarter will vote for Francois Legault’s CAQ (25 per cent), one fifth (six per cent) will vote Québec Solidaire, and others will either vote Green or Option Nationals (two per cent each).

Results based on the total sample are considered accurate 19 times out of 20, Forum said.

These voting intention results — if they hold on Election Day – would see the PQ with a comfortable majority of 72 seats in the 125-seat National Assembly, to the Liberals’ 38.

The CAQ would take 13 seats, and QS and ON would each take one seat.

While few Ungava voters voted in advance polls, 50 voters in Salluit, who are not registered to vote in the Hudson Strait community, were able to vote on Aug. 31.

Quebec Elections flew up a special polling station to allow non-resident voters there to cast ballots a day later than Quebec regulations call for — due to fog in the community which delayed the arrival of elections staff.

This special poll allowed these voters, registered in other Quebec regions, to vote for candidates in their home ridings.

Voters who are registered in Nunavik should have already received a reminder card listing the official candidates.

To vote, you have to establish your identity by presenting a document like your health insurance card, your driver’s license or your Canadian passport.

On polling day, Sept. 4, your employer must give you at least four consecutive hours to go and vote when polls are open, from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you’re wondering where the polling station is (in Nunavik, usually the municipal office or school), or whether you’re registered, you can find out here.

The candidates for the Ungava riding are:

Sylvain Couture, for Québec Solidaire;

PQ’s Luc Ferland;

Gérald Lemoyne for the Liberals;

Stéphane Robichaud, for the Coalition Avenir Québec; and,

• Dominic Hamelin-Johnston, for the Option Nationale.

This graph from Forum Poll shows the changes in support for Quebec's political parties leading up to the Sept. 4 Quebec election.
This graph from Forum Poll shows the changes in support for Quebec's political parties leading up to the Sept. 4 Quebec election.
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