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NEWS: Around the Arctic October 22, 2012 - 1:07 pm

Popular Inuit doll expands line of clothing

Saila Qilavvaq gets new range of outfits

Saila can now be ordered with an extra
Saila can now be ordered with an extra "Aputi parka" outfit, as shown here in an image from the Maplelea catalogue.
Saila can now be ordered with an extra “Katajjaq Giggles” outfit, as shown here in an image from the Maplelea catalogue.
Saila can now be ordered with an extra “Katajjaq Giggles” outfit, as shown here in an image from the Maplelea catalogue.

Saila Qilavvaq is doing well,  one year after Maplelea Girls, a line of Canadian dolls that aim to capture the country’s different regions and cultures, introduced the award-winning Nunavut-style doll.

Saila is an average 10-year-old Inuit girl, who lives in Iqaluit and loves country food, pizza as well as camping with her family.

Now Saila has expanded her interests to include throat-singing and outdoor activities, like clam digging.

At 45 cm (18 inches) high, Saila speaks Inuktitut and English and sports a fleece vest, jeans and kamiks and is friends with the five other regional dolls produced by Maplelea.

“Taryn, Brianne, Alexi, Léonie, Jenna and Saila are all very different — they like different hobbies, sports, school subjects, foods, colours and even have a different personal fashion style! However, there are some things that they have in common—they are all bright, caring, energetic Canadian Girls who think Canada is one terrific country,” reads the new Maplelea catalogue.

Last year, Maplelea’s customers could order accessories for Saila that included a tassled nassak hat made by the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts and Crafts in Pangnirtung or an amauti made by Kiluk Ltd. in Arviat.

Saila could also be ordered with Nukilik, her aunt’s husky and its puppy Nanuq, who fit into Saila’s amauti and a kamotik.

This year you can also order a “Katajjaq Giggles” throat singing outfit for Saila — a stylish jersey knit dress, black footless tights, black patent shoes. Or you can pick a traditionally designed “Aputi” parka, which includes purple snowpants and winter boots, a “Sweet Saxifrage” party dress or an “ice cap backpack set,” with a scarf and mitts in pink, purple and blue (Saila’s favourite colours).

A new “Nunavut Now” outfit includes a woven belt and a hoodie.

These outfits come with special entries to add to Saila’s journal on the story of the creation of Nunavut, the challenges of living in a place where the ground stays frozen year-round or a report Saila wrote for school called “The Walrus.”

And there are clam digging outfits and “floe edge” runners, which also include journal entries.

When kids finish playing with Saila, they can put her to bed in a bunk bed covered with “Arctic fun bedding,” that features images of an igloo, inuksuk, drummer and dog team.

Saila, her jeans, vest, kamiik and diary are available in a package online for $99, plus taxes and a flat rate of $9 for shipping anywhere in Canada.

You can also buy one at Cambridge Bay’s Arctic Closet shop.

You can visit Maplelea’s website  to learn more about Saila and her other outfits and accessories.

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