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LETTERS: Nunavut November 15, 2012 - 3:45 pm

Should candidates collect NTI pay cheques while campaigning?


I have some serious questions that I hope your readers will have an opportunity to ask of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. and specifically two candidates, Gabriel Nirlungayuk and Cathy Towtongie as employees of NTI and how we, as beneficiaries appear to be financing their campaigns through their payroll.

I hope I am wrong, but would like a clear answer due to the uneven playing field, if, in fact, I am correct.

The bylaws, amended in August 2010 under the presidency of Paul Kaludjak, very clearly in Article 5.5 state that directors and employees shall take a leave of absence with pay.

Within the interpretations of the bylaws “director” means a member of the board of directors of Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated;” and “5.1 The following shall be directors of Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated: (a) the President…”

Two years ago I believe that Terry Audla and perhaps Jessie Mike were on payroll during their campaign.

This creates a perception of unfair advantage using NTI resources contrary to the NTI policy “Election Code of Conduct for Candidates” section XI (b) Abuse of position (b) use of NTI property, NTI employees, or other NTI resources for campaign

Money in the form of regular payroll is an NTI resource.

Under Section iv of the Code of Conduct for Employees “A candidate must comply with all applicable laws and all NTI rules and policies governing NTI elections” and under section viii (b) states “take a leave of absence.”

This is silent as to the leave being with pay, or like most normal organizations and governments, take approved leave of absence “without” pay when running for office.

First it’s incredible that NTI approved the changes to the bylaws in the first place,  as I seem to remember that everyone should take a leave of absence “without” pay as most normal organizatons and agencies do.

If you are on leave with pay you should pay it back and continue your campaign without using Inuit money, or withdraw from the campaign.
(Name withheld by request)

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