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NEWS: Nunavut September 07, 2012 - 1:45 pm

Taloyoak celebrates successful bowhead whale hunt

“We’re happy for the community”


Taloyoak is celebrating its first successful bowhead whale hunt in living memory.

A group of hunters caught a whale north of the community on Sept. 6 around 7 p.m., Simon Qingnaqtuq, manager of the local Hunters and Trappers Organization, said.

“We are really happy that they landed the bowhead whale,” he said.

The hunters have been out since since Sept. 1, and are still on the land butchering the meat.

Extra people are being sent to the site to help bring muktuk into the community. And for most of the hunters, it was the first bowhead hunt they’ve ever been on.

But the whole town is excited. When news spread that a whale was caught, people drove around in their trucks and all-terrain vehicles, honking, cheering and whistling, Qingnaqtuq said.

There were even fireworks, he said.

“That was awesome last night, it was beautiful.”

Qingnaqtuq doesn’t know the size of the whale, but will find out when the hunters get back to Taloyoak, a community of about 800 people.

Three Nunavut communities are given licenses to harvest a whale each year.

This year licenses were given to Arctic Bay, Repulse Bay and Taloyoak.

Arctic Bay and Repulse Bay caught their whales earlier in the season.


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