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NEWS: Iqaluit September 13, 2012 - 10:44 am

Three withdraw from Iqaluit municipal election ballot

Ex-NTI president Kaludjak quits mayoral race


Three people have withdrawn from the Oct. 15 municipal election ballot in Iqaluit, returning officer Kirt Ejesiak announced Sept. 13.

Paul Kaludjak has dropped out of the mayoral race, Patterk Netser from the city council election, and Brian Manning from the Iqaluit District Education Authority election.

“They all asked to be withdrawn,” Ejesiak said.

There were no public requests suggesting any of the candidates were not eligible to run for their respective positions.

“Nothing came up on my end,” he said.

A final list of eligible candidates will be posted this evening, shortly after 5:00 p.m. on the 2012 Iqaluit municipal election website.

In the election for mayor, today’s announcement narrows the field down to three candidates: John Graham, Allen Hayward, and Noah Ooloonie Papatsie.

The election for eight positions on city council is now down to 10 names, and the election for five positions on the Iqaluit DEA is now down to seven names.

Iqaluit voters will cast ballots at the Cadet Hall, while Apex voters will cast ballots at the Abe Okpik Hall.

The only exception is the ratepayers referendum. Eligible ratepayers will cast ballots for that referendum at the cadet hall only.

The deadline for making revisions to the voters list is Oct. 5. An advance poll will be held Oct. 5 also and an earlier advance poll will be held Sept. 14

The referendum, among ratepayers only, will decide the question of whether to allow the city to borrow up to $40 million to pay for a new aquatics centre.


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