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NEWS: Nunavik August 07, 2012 - 6:46 am

“Women on the Land” seek Kuujjuaq berry pickers for Aug. 8 excursion

Plans for the day include talk, tea, good food and lots of berry-picking

The aqpiks, or cloudberries, are ripening around Kuujjuaq — so it's an ideal time for the
The aqpiks, or cloudberries, are ripening around Kuujjuaq — so it's an ideal time for the "Women on the land" berry-picking trip. (FILE PHOTO)

If, like many women in Kuujjuaq, you like to gather tasty aqpik berries, which are now plentiful around the community, get your rubber boots and pot ready and plan to head off Aug. 8 on a special berry picking event near the community.

Called “Women on the Land,” the day-long berry picking excursion is organized by the local community health clinic, the Ungava Tulattavik health centre and the Tunngasuvvik Women’s Shelter, which are promoting the day as a “great opportunity to share discussions among generations about topics that touch women.”

About 10 women have already signed up for the day, said Diane Bélec, a social worker at the local CLSC and one of the organizers of the event.

And she’s hoping more will decide to take advantage of the day-long excursion, which also includes lunch, tea, transportation to a good aqpik-picking spot and a draw for a prize.

“Our hope is that it will strike a chord and we would offer it every season,” Bélec said.

Informal discussions will flow from what the participants want to talk about — in Inuttitut or English.  Topics could include issues like relationships or childrearing.

A translator will be on hand to assist Bélec and others who may need help with Inuttitut.

But Bélec said she expects to see more berry picking than talk.

The event, which she calls “low key,” was inspired by a similar on-the-land event for women held near Kuujjuaq a few years ago, but over a period of several days.

But that proved difficult — and expensive — to organize.

If the Aug. 8 event proves a success, Bélec said similar days could take place around blueberry picking, sewing or ice-fishing, depending on the season.

In case of rain (which isn’t forecast by Environment Canada), the event will be postponed to Aug. 13.

To reserve a place, call the women’s shelter at 819-964-0536 or Bélec at 819-946-2905, ext. 390.

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