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LETTERS: -none- August 13, 2004 - 3:10 pm

Thank for helping with the Illungajut gathering


I would like to thank the people who gathered at Illungajut on July 18, 2004.

I would especially like to thank the original residents, who shared their experiences and way of life with us, and who want to know more of where we came from.

They lacked convenient material things, but they were rich in relationships, place in community, knowledge of hunting, sewing and love for their fellow man. Thank you for sharing the shock of assimilation, and how you woke up one morning when life was good, spring was coming, and a plane came, and you left your warm qammaqs to live in tents at Pangnirtung, when it was minus 30.

How you survived this, I don’t know. But, then you survived other hardships.

Thank you to Geela and Maaku Sowdluapik, Maanasa and Aiga Evic, Seemee and Taina Angmarlik, Aimusi and Mary Arnakak, Inuki Akulukjuk, Pepeelie, Olootie, Lucy Kuniluisie, Norman, Adamie, Stevie, Madeleine Qumuaqtuq, Davidee and Nathaniel Qaqasiq, Joopa and Peah Sowdluapik,Peter and Rosie Kilabuk, and Karen and Darren McCartney, and all our children who were there with us.

A very special thank you goes to Saciasie Sowdloapik for the beautiful cross that was erected at Innaaruruluk. After the cross was erected a pod of bowhead whales graced us with their presence, lots of them.

I took it as a sign that we were indeed blessed as our ancestors were. We will never forget the seal Seemee prepared for us, the cooks who prepared it like our parents. Thanks to Norman Qumuaqtuq for the pitsi and maktaaq, and thanks to Olootie for the kuannik.

Thanks to you all I am richer in spirit and knowledge for me to pass on to my children, qujannamiiqpaaluk!

Leesee Qaqasiq

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