NEWS: Nunavut July 12, 2017 - 4:00 pm

Nunavut man recovering in hospital after police shooting

"Mentally distraught" man, armed with knife, had barricaded himself in an Igloolik residence


A 25-year-old Igloolik man is recovering in an Ottawa hospital after RCMP officers shot him during the course of a standoff at a local residence, July 11.

Igloolik RCMP officers responded to reports of a “mentally distraught” man who was armed with a knife outside a residence at about 5 p.m., July 11, according to an RCMP media release dated July 12.

De-escalation techniques and negotiations with the individual failed after he barricaded himself inside the home.

Following a three-hour standoff, the RCMP said they were forced to shoot the man, who was then rushed to the Igloolik Heath Centre and later medevaced to Ottawa for treatment.

The man is listed in stable condition.

The Ottawa Police Service will conduct an investigation into the incident, the RCMP said—a standard policy when officers use lethal force in the scope of their duties. At the moment, no charges have been laid, RCMP said.

The Nunavut RCMP, under the terms of a policing contract with the Government of Nunavut, use the OPS to conduct third-party external investigations into police shootings of civilians and allegations of police brutality in Nunavut.

All future updates, if any, will come through the OPS, the RCMP said.

This latest incident is one in a string of interactions between distraught individuals and polices officers in Nunavut and Nunavik since December 2016.

On July 6, Taloyoak police used non-lethal force to subdue an “extremely agitated” youth, armed with a machete, who told officers he wanted them to shoot him.

On May 1, Jeremy Nuvviaq of Hall Beach posted on Facebook that friends should watch his livestream of “death by cop.” An officer ended up shooting him after an altercation with police at the man’s residence.

On March 18, a young man in Pond Inlet, age 20, was shot and killed by police after a confrontation with officers.

Several months before that, in Gjoa Haven, police shot and killed 21-year-old Charles Qirngnirq, on Dec. 19, after reports he had gone to the airport with a rifle and was walking around town with a gun.

In Nunavik, police shot and killed Illutak Anautak, 19, in Akulivik after he had entered several residences, stabbing family members. Anautak killed three and injured two others before he was fatally wounded.

Police in Quebec shot another man, aged 24, in Inukjuak, June 14. The man remains in critical condition in a Montreal hospital.