NEWS: Nunavut April 12, 2018 - 9:15 am

Nunavut power utility now taking applications for net metering program

Residential customers, municipalities can earn credits for producing renewable energy


Nunavut’s Qulliq Energy Corp. is now accepting applications for its soon-to-launch net metering program.

The new program will allow residential customers and municipalities to produce their own electricity through renewable energy generators, and then send any surplus energy back to QEC.

In exchange, those customers will receive credits for future electricity use.

“We are committed to exploring opportunities for our customers to use renewable energy technology, enabling the move away from diesel,” said Bruno Pereira, QEC’s president and CEO, in an April 10 release.

QEC hasn’t yet said when the program will begin, but the corporation plans to install bidirectional meters for customers once they’ve been approved for the program.

Nunavummiut who are interested in the program must first review the program and QEC’s terms and conditions of service.

The corporation has suggested potential customers wait to purchase their renewable energy generating systems until their application has been reviewed and approved, the corporation said on Tuesday, April 10.

To qualify for the program, renewable energy installations cannot exceed a capacity of 10 kilowatts.

For more information on the new net metering or to apply, visit the QEC’s website or call 1-866-710-4200.