NEWS: Nunavut May 11, 2018 - 9:30 am

What you read on from April 29 to May 6

Future plans of Iqaluit restaurant owner leads the news


The most-read story of the past week at involves business woes in Nunavut’s capital city: an Iqaluit businessman says a misunderstanding with the city over the height of his proposed new restaurant and bar has cost him time and money.

Matt Wilkins of Big Racks Barbecue says he appears to be back at the beginning of a bylaw amendment process that began more than two years ago.

City council members were under the impression that Wilkins was planning to add a second storey to his proposed new restaurant and lounge. But Wilkins said during a council meeting on April 24 that a two-storey building isn’t in his budget.

“We’ll try to work through this as best as possible,” Deputy Mayor Romeyn Stevenson said.

A second public hearing took place for this week.

A letter to the editor about the Cambridge Bay Elks club also received a lot of attention last week, drawing the second-largest number of readers, according to Google Analytics.

“Does the Ikaluktutiak Elks club enable drinking and driving? How do they prevent people who have been drinking from driving home?”

That’s what a reader from Cambridge Bay wanted to know. The reader also asked, “Have you seen how many vehicles are parked there each night that they are open? How do they prevent people who have been drinking from driving home? You see commercial vehicles from local businesses and Government of Nunavut work vehicles.”

Commenters weighed in online, with one writing that “proprietors can make sure that they are not over-serving customers, as that is in their control, but they are not responsible for patrons who drink and drive.”

Also in the news:

Inuit birthright firm gets yellow light for new Iqaluit hotel: the Qikiqtaaluk Corp. will drive piles for a 94-room hotel, 600-person conference centre this summer.

Nunavut court ordered a business to pay overtime to employees: A Cambridge Bay-based business has been ordered by a Nunavut judge to pay out thousands of dollars in overtime to two workers whose employment was terminated mid-contract.

Iqaluit firefighters douse a fire underneath House 1659 in Iqaluit’s Happy Valley neighbourhood, which is still standing following a fire that broke out underneath the building on April 29.