Nunavut man plans to build home using shipping containers

“We have to be one of many, many people who are taking part in solving the current housing problem”

When Alex Cook of Baker Lake began thinking about building a home for himself, he knew he wanted something that was novel and purpose-built for the North. Nearly two years later, those ideas have been incorporated into a project called Qammaq, a prototype that will take the form of a three-bedroom house partially built with…

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Giant Bear wins Canadian Screen Award

Giant Bear walked away from the final night of the Canadian Screen Awards with the award for Best Animated Short. Last night’s win of one of Canada’s most prestigious screen awards also qualifies Giant Bear for Oscar consideration. Produced by Iqaluit-based Taqqut Productions and Montreal-based edfilms, the short animation, which is based on a book of the same name, tells the story of a lone hunter who stumbles across an unusually large aglu—or breathing hole—before realizing it’s being kept open by a nanurluk—a mythological giant polar bear—sleeping under the ice. (Photo courtesy of Taqqut Productions and edfilms)

Taissumani, May 29

Against all odds—Jens Munk’s fight for survival in Hudson Bay

Nice catch

Vinnie Baron wrestles with her catch on an ice fishing trip outside of Kangiqsualujjuaq earlier this month. Baron and her family return to the same fishing spot on Makaluu Lake every spring. (Photo by Felix St-Aubin)

Heading out on the land near Arctic Bay

Clare Kines shared this photo of people heading out on the land on Adam’s Sound, just outside Arctic Bay on May 14. Their destination was a fishing derby at Kuugaarjuk. (Photo courtesy of C. Kines)

Iqaluit builder Jens Steenberg remembered for his construction skills

Here is one of the numerous houses that Jens Edvard Brandt Steenberg built in Iqaluit in the 1990s, which are still sought after more than 20 years after he built them. Many in the city remember Steenberg, who died May 19 in Pincher Creek, Alta., at the age of 77. “Steenberg built” is still mentioned on realtors’ advertisements as a selling point. Kalman Strauss wrote on the funeral home memory wall that “Jens was not only a really nice person he was also the best homebuilder that Iqaluit ever had! His homes are still the nicest ones in town 20 years later.” You can find an online memory wall for Steenberg here. (Submitted photo)

Tea break on the way to the fishing derby

It’s time to stop for a cup of tea at Ikpikittuarjuup Ittillinga, which is at the bottom of Moffet Inlet, about 150 kilometres from Arctic Bay, and about 70 kilometres from this group’s destination of Kuugaarjuk on May 14. They caught char the following day at the fishing derby at Kuugaarjuk, but then left that evening due to a storm. (Photo by Clare Kines)