Preparing to fly south

This chubby snow bunting in Cambridge Bay has stocked up on food in preparation for its journey south. Although temperatures in the western Nunavut hub have been above average, most snow buntings appear to have already departed. (Photo by Jane George)

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Moonlit morning in Iqaluit

Letia Obed captured this view of the moon over Iqaluit on Thanksgiving Day at 7 a.m. (Photo by L. Obed)

Pond Inlet’s new MLA sworn in

Nunavut Commissioner Nellie Kusugak swears in David Qamaniq, the new MLA for Tununiq, at a ceremony in the Nunavut legislative assembly on Thursday, Oct. 17. Qamaniq won a byelection last month for the seat, which represents Pond Inlet, following the death of veteran MLA Joe Enook. (Photo by Dustin Patar)

RBC opens agency branch in Pangnirtung

The ribbon is cut Oct. 9 at the opening of a new Royal Bank agency branch in Pangnirtung, located at the Uqqurmiut print shop. Residents of the community of about 1,500 can now access basic banking services, such as deposits, withdrawals and cashing cheques. (Photo courtesy of Kyle Sheppard/Twitter)

Inuinnait doll on display in CamBay

This doll was collected from Inuinnait living along the Coronation Gulf around 1915 by the Canadian Arctic Expedition’s anthropologist, Diamond Jenness. After being displayed in Cambridge Bay by the Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq (Kitikmeot Heritage Society) it’s now being returned to the Canadian Museum of History to make room for new incoming loan objects. The new exhibit will serve as research tools for a new series of community cultural revitalization workshops on crimped shoe making, the creation and use of amulets, and Inuinnaqtun terminology surrounding ancestral Inuinnait traditions and technologies. A workshop of local elders and language experts also took place this summer to help interpret objects. (Photo courtesy of Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society)