Iqaluit man pleads guilty to charges, sentenced to 650 days in jail

“If you don’t get a handle on your drinking, you’re probably going to kill somebody one day,” judge says

An Iqaluit man has been sentenced to 650 days in jail plus two years’ probation after pleading guilty to multiple charges on Wednesday, Dec. 4. Samolie Lucassie, 27, appeared before Justice Christian Lyons at the Nunavut Court of Justice. The conditions of Lucassie’s two-year probation period, ordered by Lyons, say he is prohibited from consuming…

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Province of Quebec gives Iluiliq park name thumbs up

The Quebec commission responsible for managing place names in the province, the Commission de toponymie, officially recognized the name of Nunavik’s proposed Iluiliq park this fall. The 1,200-square-kilometre area off Hudson Strait will be Nunavik’s fifth park. (Photo by Alain Thibault, courtesy Nunavik Parks)

Rock on

Nunavik youth take part in a jam session on Thursday, Nov. 28, at Kuujjuaq’s Uvikkait Dome Youth Centre. The event was part of the Nunavik Rocks Music Camp held last week by the Kativik Regional Government’s recreation department. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

Nunavut’s Reel to Reel puts youth in touch with elders

Youth and elders take a break from the Reel to Reel project in Cambridge Bay to pose for a photo Nov. 25 at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station. The project was organized in partnership with Reel Youth, a media group that delivers community development programming to youth and adults across Canada and internationally, and the Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq/Kitikmeot Heritage Society. The project aims to strengthen intergenerational connections by having youth make short films about elders’ lives. “The youth did an incredible job filming their first interviews and it’s amazing to have the elders speak in their Inuinnaqtun language,” said a social media posting by Reel Youth. “We’re so excited for the rest of the week.” (Photo courtesy of Reel Youth/Facebook)

Canada’s premiers call for more support for the North

Canada’s premiers, including Nunavut Premier Joe Savikataaq, wrapped up a one-day meeting in Toronto this Dec. 2 by issuing a statement that says the federal government should do more to help northern territorial governments. “Tangible and significant nation-building activities are needed in the three territories,” their joint communiqué said. This includes “robust investment” in infrastructure and more support to help northern governments adapt to climate change. (Photo courtesy Council of the Federation)

Time to sharpen those skates, Rankin Inlet

Wayne Kusugak is busy in the skate-sharpening shop at the new arena in Rankin Inlet on Saturday, Nov. 23. He said he had over 100 pairs of skates already sharpened and more to come. (Photo by Doug McLarty/ArcTech Design and Services)