ᐅᕙᑦᑎᓐᓂ ᐃᓚᐅᒋᑦᑎ ᖁᕕᐊᓲᑎᒋᓗᒍ ᓄᓇᕗᑦ ᐊᕐᕌᒍᖓ 20 ᐅᖃᓕᒫᒐᓕᐊᑦᑎᒍᑦ ᐃᖅᑲᐅᒪᓇᕈᑎᓂᒃ.

Join us in celebrating Nunavut’s twentieth birthday with our commemorative supplement.


A happy Easter with the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre

Leevedee Atagoyuk and his grandchild, Joseph Lalonde Maatiusi, proudly show their Easter winnings at the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre’s Easter Dinner Party and egg hunt on April 17. Families enjoyed a ham dinner before their children stormed the playground in search of chocolate, each with individually decorated collection bags. At the end, the centre gave out loot bags. (Photo by Kahlan Miron)

Featured Articles

Pond Inlet’s water truck catches fire

Residents of Pond Inlet watch as smoke billows out of the hamlet’s garage on Wednesday, April 17. Early that morning, community members heard a loud boom—the sound of an explosion in the engine of one of the hamlet’s water trucks. Although the water truck was damaged, the fire did not destroy the garage and no one was injured in the incident, the hamlet said. The community’s fire department is investigating the cause of the explosion. (Photo courtesy of B. Arreak)

Inuit students visit Nunavik’s Kuururjuaq Park

A Nunavik Sivunitsavut student poses during a school trip to Kuururjuaq Park. Last week, students went to the park for their physical education class. As they were guided through the area, some activities included playing some traditional drum songs, fishing and eating country foods. (Photo courtesy of Nunavik Sivunitsavut/Facebook)

Happy Easter

The staff at Nunatsiaq News wish our readers a restful Easter. Our offices will be closed on Good Friday, but we’ll be back hopping to it on Monday, April 22—much like this Arctic hare, spotted by Clare Kines outside Arctic Bay in June 2017. (Photo courtesy of Clare Kines)

The race is on

Racers in Toonik Tyme’s kids snowmobile race, 200 class, speed towards the finish line on Friday, April 12, at AWG Lake. The event, for children between the ages of 8 and 12, is part of Iqaluit’s annual springtime festival. (Photo courtesy of Bill Williams)

A sight for sore camera lenses

Jaanimmarik student and photographer Sarah Kudluk captures the bright and busy northern lights shining over Nunavik’s Pingualuit park last week. Read more about Jaanimmarik’s young photographers at Nunatsiaq.com. (Photo by S. Kudluk)

Kudos for compassionate public service

Teresa Meadows receives the individual achievement award at the Nunavut Mining Symposium gala on Wednesday, April 3. Meadows has served as legal counsel for the Nunavut Impact Review Board and Nunavut Water Board for the past decade. As she received the honour she was lauded as “a kind, compassionate professional whose dedication to her clients and to protecting the integrity of Nunavut’s regulatory processes knows no bounds.” (Photo courtesy of the Nunavut Mining Symposium)