About the Market

About Nunatsiaq News

Since 1972, Nunatsiaq News has been the first source for news, features and opinion about the Eastern Arctic. Founded as a local Iqaluit newspaper, Nunatsiaq News was purchased by Nortext Publishing Corporation in 1985 and has since expanded, its print circulation now reaching over 40 communities and its web edition attracting 70,000 visits per week from readers across the North, in southern Canada, and around the world.

On the web, Nunatsiaq News is published in English with some Inuktitut content and ads. Its print edition is published in Inuktitut and English. Inuktitut – the language of Inuit – is an official language and by far the most widely used language in both Nunavut, Canada’s newest territory, and Nunavik (arctic Quebec).

Nunatsiaq News serves all 26 communities and 38,000 residents in Nunavut, and the 15 communities and 12,000 Inuit who call Nunavik home, publishing in Inuktitut and English every Friday. Our online version of the paper publishes articles half a dozen times a day, each article attracting comments from readers.

In our paper, Nunavut and Nunavik government advertising, as well as most private-sector advertising, is published in both English and Inuktitut. In Nunavik ads are published in English and Inuttitut (the local dialect of Inuktitut). When appropriate, Nunatsiaq News publishes French-language articles of interest to the large Francophone population living in both areas. Our readers believe they have a right to be served in their language of choice, and they appreciate the newspaper and the advertisers that recognize this right.

How we work with advertisers

To help advertisers reach the greatest possible number of readers, Nunatsiaq News offers a reduced line rate for ads appearing in Aboriginal languages. The Aboriginal-language rate is approximately 65% of the English transient rate and includes the cost of translating and publishing an Aboriginal language version of the ad. This rate applies to ads booked directly and is offered to advertisers providing camera-ready copy for both language versions of their ad. Our in-house translation department and contract freelancers ensure that regional dialects appear in the correct edition.

Nunatsiaq News has two offices. One is in Iqaluit (the capital city of Nunavut), where editorial staff and Ayaya Marketing & Communications (an affiliated company) advertising agency staff are located. The other office is in Nepean, Ont., where the advertising manager, editorial staff, accounting and production personnel are located. Our reporting staff travel extensively throughout both regions and we employ a number of freelance writers who offer news and opinions on a regular basis.

Our two offices work together to provide both northern and southern advertisers the best possible service.


Nunatsiaq News is printed in Ottawa . The paper is flown to Iqaluit every Friday and is available on newsstands by early afternoon. Most papers destined for Nunavut communities outside the capital city receive their bundles of papers via express post or priority airfreight, whichever method ensures the fastest delivery. Through a partnership agreement with Arctic Co-operatives Ltd., Nunavut residents are provided easy access to each week’s paper through their local Co-op store.

Papers bound for Nunavik communities are shipped by air to Kuujjuaq, Quebec and Montreal every Friday, and flown from there to communities along the Hudson Bay and Ungava coasts.

In addition to its arctic circulation, Nunatsiaq News enjoys a loyal mail subscriber readership across southern Canada and around the world. These are exciting times in Canada’s North and Nunatsiaq News is the place to read all about it. We’re at home in Nunavut, Nunavik and beyond.