Merged Arctic airline will require vigilance, relentless scrutiny

“This is not government regulation. This is corporate self-regulation.”

The unpopular merger between First Air, owned by Makivik Corp., and Canadian North, owned by the Inuvialuit Development Corp., is now well underway. One of the two airlines, Canadian North, has just won the latest Government of Nunavut medical and duty travel contract for the Qikiqtani and Kitikmeot regions, after a “competition” against its merger…

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Northern tax reform: an unfinished task

“The federal government should use the tax system to design a northern travel benefit that’s available to all tax-filers”

Nunavut’s failing airlines

“There is no one who matters less to northern airlines than the individual air traveller who uses his or her own money to pay”

Nunavut schools face a dark future

"Nunavut’s purported leaders have proven themselves incapable of forming a rational, coherent, evidence-based policy on Inuit language education"

A rehab centre for Nunavut?

“You’re not going get a treatment centre in Nunavut by writing a letter to Santa Claus”