Photographer lived among bears for 33 days on Hudson Bay

Photo by Canadian-Slovak photographer Martin Gregus to grace cover of Canadian Geographic magazine

What would you do if a bear was running toward you? A big, hungry polar bear. Well, Martin Gregus decided to do nothing. He just stood still and continued doing what he was doing — taking photos. Gregus is a wildlife photographer.

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Pond Inlet comes out to greet Nunavut Quest mushers

10 dogsled teams cross the finish-line on Monday, Day 7; winner to be announced Wednesday

A crowd in Pond Inlet hoists Owen Jaworenko, a musher from Pond Inlet, into the air to celebrate his completion of Nunavut Quest on Monday. Ten mushers competed in the race, which ran from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet, a distance of approximately 250 kilometres. (Photo by Shanshan Tian, special to Nunatsiaq News)

Mushers pick shorter trail with deeper, powdery snow on Day 5

Saturday’s trail selection could shave one day off Nunavut Quest dogsled race, elder says

An unidentified Nunavut Quest musher runs his dogsled team on April 20, the fifth day of the annual race, which is running from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet this year. (Dylan Kayotak, special to Nunatsiaq News)

Weather forces Nunavut Quest to take rest on Day 4

Slideshow | Whiteout conditions, risk of crossing trails with hockey players bound for Pond Inlet led to decision to stay put on Friday

Dogs take a break from Nunavut Quest racing on Friday. Weather conditions forced mushers to take a rest day Friday in their 250-kilometre race from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet. (Photo by Dylan Kayotak, special to Nunatsiaq News)

Tough uphill terrain on Day 3 doesn’t slow down Igloolik mushers

Slideshow | Nunavut Quest climb gives dogs, snowmobiles a workout

Nunavut Quest musher Lee Inuarak (#2) arrives at the evening’s check point on the third day of the 250-kilometre race from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet. Ten dogsled teams are competing in the annual race, which has a first prize of $20,000. (Photo by Cadence Arnatsiaq, special to Nunatsiaq News)

Last musher to start is first to finish on Nunavut Quest Day 1

Slideshow | Apak Taqtu first to arrive at Iqalulik’s Camp 1 on Tuesday

Nunavut Quest officials check one of the 10 dogsled teams on Tuesday, the first day of the race, to ensure it’s carrying the required mushing items for the race from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet. (Photo by Kenneth Owen Angilirq, special to Nunatsiaq News)

Nunavut Quest kicks off with weekend celebrations in Arctic Bay

Slideshow: Mushers set to begin annual dogsled race Tuesday, after arriving at starting line last week

Mushers in this year’s Nunavut Quest dogsled sit onstage at the Arctic Bay community hall April 13 during the event’s opening ceremony. The weeklong race from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet is scheduled to get underway Tuesday afternoon. Originally 12 competitors were to take part but two dropped out at the last minute, meaning 10 will make the race. (Photo by Riley Qamukaq, special to Nunatsiaq News)