Nunavut mining firms get some rent relief from Ottawa

Chamber of mines “grateful” for federal help

The federal government will provide some relief to cash-strapped mining firms who might be about to fall behind on mineral lease payments for Crown lands in Nunavut, Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal announced yesterday. The Northern Affairs department says this is to prevent companies that hold Nunavut mineral leases from defaulting on the rent money…

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Cool clouds above Arctic Bay

Clare Kines took this photo of undulating clouds outside Arctic Bay, on the Nanivisik Highway just past the first bridge, on Aug. 1. “The St. George’s Society Cliffs can be seen in the background, and the clouds (I just learned) are called asperitas,” he writes. (Photo by Clare Kines)

Ripe berries for the picking

On Aug. 10, which was a bright beautiful windy day, Malaya Qaunirq Chapman drove down Ippialuk Road to pick berries with family and friends, and captured this image of a field full of big beautiful aqpik. The temperature hovered around 27C, but there was a welcome breeze to help the berry pickers stay cool, and it kept the pesky flies away. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

Look at the loon

Clare Kines of Arctic Bay captured this image of a red-throated mother loon, or qaqsauq, and its chick on Aug. 9 at Kahula Lake, beyond Nanisivik. (Photo by Clare Kines)

A colourful end to a day

After a sudden downpour swept through Iqaluit and out into Frobisher Bay on Saturday, Aug 1, the setting sun emerged and caught the fleeting remnants of the rainstorm, creating this rainbow. (Photo by Dustin Patar)