Taissumani, Jan. 11

Inuit catechists at Blacklead Island — Part 1

It was always the goal of the Anglican Church Missionary Society that its missionaries at Blacklead Island—near present-day Pangnirtung—would train a small cadre of Inuit catechists to carry on the work of the church when there were no missionaries at the station, and to advance the work of the mission into areas where white preachers…

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Taissumani, Nov. 30

Mikak and the Moravian Church in Labrador — Part 2

Taissumani, Nov. 23

Mikak and the Moravian Church in Labrador — Part 1

Taissumani, Nov. 9

Isaac Stringer, the bishop who ate his boots

Taissumani, Oct. 19

Father Turquetil—first Roman Catholic bishop of the Arctic

Taissumani, April 7

The Inuit two-dollar bill—a bittersweet memory

Taissumani, March 10

The Murrays of Peterhead: a whaling family — Part 2

Taissumani, March 3

The Murrays of Peterhead: A Whaling Family — Part 1

Taissumani, Jan. 23

Taissumani – A Look Backward and Forward