The sealift arrives in Wakeham Bay

A cargo ship enters Wakeham Bay, escorted by an icebreaker, on Thursday, July 16, for the sealift resupply of Kangiqsujuaq. (Photo by Marion James)

Inuit master carver’s muskox creation sells for $84K

This carving of a muskox by Barnabus Arnasungaaq fetched $84,000 during a live auction by First Arts in Toronto held on July 12. Fine Arts says it believes that price is a record for the artist at auction. Arnasungaaq, who carved his works with an axe and file from hard black stone found near his hometown of Baker Lake, was known for his minimalist style of carving without many surface details. He died in 2017 at the age of 93. (Photo courtesy of First Arts. Photo by Dieter Hessel)

Caribou coming through

David Kakuktinniq of Rankin Inlet took this photo of caribou near his community on July 14. “There have been tons of caribou coming through #rankininlet #nunavut recently, here’s an image of some stragglers,” he writes. (Photo by David Kakuktinniq)