As high Arctic ecosystems collapse, scientists call for increased protection

“Every year we see changes, disturbing changes, in front of our eyes”

When Warwick Vincent, a Laval University biology professor and a Canada research chair in aquatic ecosystem studies, first visited northern Ellesmere Island in 1998, it looked a lot different from the way it looks today. He vividly recalls seeing the Markham Ice Shelf that was as wide as Manhattan and 10 storeys tall, which has...

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Royal Canadian Mint releases “entirely Arctic” $10 collectors coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a new “entirely Arctic” collector coin crafted with Nunavut-sourced gold. The reverse of the $10 pure-gold coin features an Inuk with a qulliq and inuksuit. It’s the creation of Nunavik artist Ulaayu Pilurtuut. “Motifs of a traditional qulliq, an Inuit oil lamp that provides light and warmth, as well as inuksuit, symbolizing community and guidance, are powerful symbols of the artist’s culture and way of life,” said a news release about the coin’s issue. Four thousand of the coins, which each retail for $249.95, were minted. (Image courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint)