New research program hopes to shed light on climate change in Inuit Nunangat

13 projects to receive funding as part of the Canada-Inuit Nunangat-United Kingdom Arctic Research Program

Researchers hope to learn more about how climate change impacts the Canadian Arctic through the launch of a new program. Thirteen projects will use $18.2 million to explore how the phenomenon is causing environmental, social, economic, cultural, engineering and infrastructure challenges across Inuit Nunangat.  They are part of the Canada-Inuit Nunangat-United Kingdom (CINUK) Arctic Research...

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Nunavut drum dancers take the stage in Greenland

Group to perform in Nuuk until Friday

From left to right: Nunavut drum dancers Leanna Wilson, Tooma Laisa, Keenan Carpenter, Jerry Laisa and Shelton Nipisar perform the Goose Drum Dance on Monday in the Katuaq Cultural Centre foyer in Nuuk, Greenland. A team of six Nunavummiut is in Nuuk until Friday for Katuaq’s Katuarpalaaq Drum Dance Festival, performing drum dances that they spent the last month practising in the Qaggiavuut Iqaluit office. (Photo by Vincent Desrosiers)