Iqaluit planning committee OKs rezoning for 24 housing units

Development calls for stacked row-house dwellings in Lower Base area

A request to rezone six lots in Iqaluit’s Lower Base for development of 24 housing units received unanimous approval from the city’s planning committee Tuesday night. Nunavut Housing Corp.

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Warm front brings big melt to Iqaluit; schools to stay closed all day, says education authority

A pool of water flows near the Iqaluit breakwater as temperatures were forecasted to rise to 3 C Monday, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada. The City of Iqaluit warned people in a public service announcement to drive slowly due to roads that remained slippery before the mercury rises. The Iqaluit District Education Authority closed schools for the morning due to the icy conditions, and later announced Aqsarniit, Inuksuk, Joamie and Nakasuk schools will remain closed for the afternoon but are expected to reopen Tuesday as usual. Despite the warm temperatures Monday, the remainder of the week is expected to be consistently below zero. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)


A chilly day in Iqaluit but warmer temperatures are coming

The sun rises in Iqaluit on a cold Wednesday morning. Temperatures were expected to drop to -29 C by mid-afternoon and feel like -40 C with the wind chill, but warmer days are expected soon. Environment and Climate Change Canada forecasts a high of -2 C by Saturday and -1 C on Monday. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)

Fresh Arctic char on the menu

Talk about frozen fish — with temperatures in Iqaluit hovering at -17 C near the week’s end, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada, local hunter Joavie Nookiguak had no trouble keeping the Arctic char he caught Thursday frozen as he sold them near Northmart on Friday morning. Nookiguak said he caught the char near Iqaluit, but didn’t divulge exactly where. (Photo by Livete Ataguyuk)