130 grams of cocaine, 560 meth pills seized in Kuujjuaq drug raid

26-year-old man faces firearms and drug trafficking charges

The Sûreté du Québec, whose Kuujjuaq office is seen here, charged a 26-year-old man on Oct. 12, following a drug raid in the community. (File photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A man in Kuujjuaq is facing drug and firearms charges after police seized illicit drugs in a raid this week.

Sûreté du Québec and Nunavik Police Service officers executed a search warrant on Oct. 12 at an address on Pomerleau Road, SQ spokesperson Sgt. Nancy Fournier said.

There, police arrested the resident, a 26-year-old man, who remains in custody pending a bail hearing.

Police seized around 130 grams of cocaine — about the same weight as an orange — nearly 560 methamphetamine pills and two firearms, one of which is for “restricted use,” Fournier said.

“Charges related to firearms and drug trafficking have been filed against him,” Fournier wrote in an email.

A 22-year-old man, who Fournier said was an accomplice, was also arrested and released for “further proceedings.”

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Fournier asked that anyone with any information contact the SQ at 1-800-659-4264.

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(28) Comments:

  1. Posted by Kuujjuaq on


  2. Posted by Andre Bedard on

    i can only sincerly congraduate the Surete du quebec for the bust in Nunavik. Hard drug is taking our iqaluit town by Storm and Nunavut RCMP Police dont do any bust such as your often enought in my opinion, since i hear, in news about drug overdose death and see people i know for over 10 years get rowdy and allway on the move,with change face and damage tooth by the drugs,it even makes their head smaller too and they need more and more asking money money, hard drug kill and hurt people physical and mental healt as well.i peay rcmp will finaly address the serious prb;em in out town too,god bless

  3. Posted by Great Job!! on

    Maybe we could bring these officers to Iqaluit. There’s quite a number of well known dealers they can bust

    • Posted by Puvvirnituqmiuq on

      The RCMP wish to encourage the communities to continue to report suspicious activity by contacting their home RCMP detachment or by calling Crime Stoppers at toll-free 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), submitting a secure web tip at http://www.nwtnutips.com or text ‘NWTNUTIPS’ plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES).

  4. Posted by $$$ on

    I’m curious,
    Does anyone know the street value of this?

    • Posted by Kuujjuaq on

      I hear that , a gram of coke goes for $300 in YVP. Me , i stick to Reefer and Budweiser.

    • Posted by Ilai ivillaq on

      It’s worth 27,000$ and more

  5. Posted by Peter on

    A rather large amount to sell and profit off the misery of others. Throw the book at this individual, federal time, big fines, seizure of assets, do the crime, do the time.

    • Posted by Look at the Facebook sales/swap on

      Kuujjuaq has a few individuals selling and having eliminating auctions of some big ticket items. Take a peep at Facebook. If you consider the jobs and income of theses individuals, you’ll soon figure out that what they have in assets, and the things they are selling are impossible to obtain with the income they’re known to have. But the same individuals are well known as illegal dealers of alcohol, and or hard drugs. Where are the tax collectors, or should the police have a way to connect revenue Quebec, and revenue Canada to the marketplace of theses people.

  6. Posted by Mike on

    The guy has been busted a few times. The police have been watching him for some time.he’s going to jail 100%

    • Posted by Petition to keep him out of kuujjuaq on

      Start a petition to keep him out of kuujjuaq. And do the same to anyone else that’s charged and has contributed to deteriorating the community. Look at suicide, drug related , overdose, he’s a threatening culprit to the health of the community.

    • Posted by Sandwich maker on

      Wonder if the police took any photos of his food prep area. I heard he don’t make a good sandwich, but those not knowing the difference devoured them anyway. Along with his service of hard stuff.

  7. Posted by Kuujjuamiuq on

    Way to go, keep on the good role, that person unfit the community, trying to destroy innocent lives, show him the law

  8. Posted by Merchant and buyer on

    I always think about the victims. And by that I mean to be identifying who they are. We can easily assume that the buyer is simple the victim, like an addictive person, vulnerable and out for the trip, but it’s not that simple. Many victims are of that type, but not all buyers are from that category. That’s the scary thing about the whole situation here. I mean there will be the same buyers moving on to a shop down the street. It’s the character of those buyers that we need to be concerned about. Yes, we have the criminal act of the dealer, but never forget the character, and the drugged mind of the users. 24 7, the squished mind of the buyer is of upmost danger. They will get their trips again tomorrow, and be on our jeopardy to our safety. Yes , get the dealer, but think beyond.

  9. Posted by Cold Bear on

    Good work. Now work on Iqaluit and Rankin where the white Coke Poisoners are buy houses.
    Gimme reward of their house and I give names rofl

  10. Posted by Kuujjuaq has mental illness on

    Kuujjuaq’s mental illness is no secret. It’s a sad reality. Years and years of drug and alcohol abuse , family breakdown, low education among school kids is equally to what kuujjuaq has on its plate at this time. And people wonder about suicide. There’s too few people interested in doing their job, keeping the community on a healthy road. There’s a crisis on the family level as well. It’s become a goal oriented, get high, get drunk, get material, and sleep, and let someone else take care of us. It’s a great economy for the drug and booze dealer. There’s no more values, morals are low or non existent. The mayor was on last week, talking about a person dressed in black on Atv shooting a gun at security. Last night it’s looks like a sicko was caught shooting in town, kuujjuaq is a mess. It’s become the land of the living dead.

    • Posted by Dumbfounded on

      The Inuit organizations along with the town municipality mayor’s and courage village members are also to blame for knowing who the drug dealers and bootleggers are within thru home communities. They just choose to ignore the constant social issues that are not being looked at. Most of these politicians are there so that they could feel popular and get the votes by promising to send these Drug dealers and bootleggers to jail. It’s a popularity contest where they want the votes to be elected but ignoring the issues and hoping the qallunaq will fix their problems for them.

      • Posted by Harvey on

        Hey dumbfounded quallunaq are part of the problem. They are also dealing in hard drugs in kuujjuaq. I don’t expect anyone, black, white or whatever to fix the communities problems. These dealers need to be tracked down and prosecuted with the full extent of the law. Take all thier bank accounts and properties they have gotten through thier dealing in death. At least 75% of the people who come to the community are there for only one reason. It is not to make the community a better place, thats for sure.

        • Posted by Take the bull by the horns on

          Never mind white causing the problem , or black or Inuit. This is an Inuit community that Inuit have to take control over. No one can do anything to harm the community, if the owners of the community stand up. But that’s not possible, because the owners are happy , sad and willing to buy and sell whatever their lazy lives can get. The devil don’t make you do , it , you do it yourself. Put these drug and alcohol pushers In their place, do you need white people to tackle, the white people and the Inuit to do that? Maybe. Smarter people needed.

        • Posted by It’s not just the outsiders on

          Hi Harvey,
          You live in Kuujjuaq and see this every day. It’s not just the people who come to Kuujjuaq who sell drugs.
          Inuit who you know very well are also selling s*** to mess up the community

          • Posted by The Harvey people on

            Lots of Harvey people around, not aware of their own backyard. The blame game, blinded by drowning in their own slop.

            • Posted by Sure Harvey knows who on

              In the second bust, surely a Harvey or two ! Knows who is who.

    • Posted by Inuk from Nunavik on

      Life , in nunavik is a very sad existence.

    • Posted by Meeting after meeting on

      There’s meeting after meeting, groups and committee and all types of experts , playing a useless game of seeing how much they can earn in stipends by joining as many of the useless arenas as possible. They travel and sit in board rooms and are literary useless. And we call that leadership. I’m calling it abuse of money and time, and letting the people down. They are self serving idiots. And they are every where with the same old uninterested flocks out for the ride and the party. That’s what we have in Nunavik for inspiration. Man6 of them are heavy drinkers and drug abusers too. Useless.

      • Posted by Nunavimmiuk on

        That sounds like to be the Community of Akulivik. Just saying.

        • Posted by All Nunavik and Montreal on

          That’s how it is and has always been, since meeting and travel funding came to be. Montreal is hot spot as well for the gatherings of Nunavik meet and greets. . If only the total of the cost of these useless gatherings of useless talks could be counted and show the world what’s been wasted, it would be fit for a documentary. If anyone should’ve every take on the job of measuring the results of these meetings over the years, (off course we see the useless results daily), it would be an award winning task just to show how man and woman can abuse so much, to leave an area like Nunavik so desolate and crippled socially and mentally. This has traces of evil intent or not.

  11. Posted by About race on

    When a southerner sells hard drugs and illegal alcohol, that’s bad, but when an Inuk sells hard drugs and alcohol to their own people that’s the worse of it all. Both are not good humans, but those who are closes to us doing it , and seeing suicide and injury, and kids suffering. I can’t seem to related that kind of person on his or her humanity, except to say they have no morals.

  12. Posted by peter on

    Cocaine at 300.00 gram, meth or speed as what it is called 20.00 a pill do the math, individual had in their possession 50, 200.00 worth of product in street value. This stuff is poison, time for the judicial system to step up. I have dealt with an individual on speed, coming off it, not pleasant, the authorities need to send a message, get caught trafficking, do the crime, do the federal time, no choice.

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