22 modular housing units to be built across Nunavut

Nunavut Housing Corp. to work with communities to decide how new housing should be used

Lorne Kusugak, the minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corp., announced 22 new modular housing units will be built across the territory. The housing corporation will work with Sakku Innovative Buildings Solutions on the project. (File photo)

By David Lochead

Nunavut Housing Corp. has reached an agreement to bring 22 modular housing units to 11 communities in Nunavut.

The purchase agreement with Sakku Innovative Buildings Solutions, the development corporation of Kivalliq Inuit Association, was announced Wednesday at the legislative assembly by Lorne Kusugak, the minister responsible for the housing corporation.

Two-thirds of the units will initially be used by construction workers while they work on public housing builds, Kusugak said.

Once construction on a project is finished, the housing corporation will work with the community to decide if the modular units should be used for public housing, transitional housing or another purpose.

The time needed to transition the units from being used by construction workers to community use will vary, Kusugak said, adding he will provide updates as the projects are completed.

Eight of the units will go to the communities of Sanirijak, Sanikiluaq, Kinngait and Pangnirtung for use by the Family Services Department, Kusugak said.

In the legislative assembly, Joe Savikataaq, MLA for Arviat-South, said for previous builds the construction company would pay to have its workers stay in hotels, which helped local businesses.

Kusugak said the intention is for the housing corporation to purchase the units, then lease them to the construction company for its staff to live in temporarily.

He said the housing corporation does not believe having construction workers live in the modular units will affect the business of hotels.

“It’s very hard to get hotel rooms in the best of times,” Kusugak said.

The modular homes can be remodelled once construction workers are finished staying in them, he said.


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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by Common Cents on

    hmm, correct me if I’m wrong about this. Step 1. The NHC will build and lease the units to the contractor.
    Step 2. The contractor will add the cost of the lease + profit and include it in their bid
    Step 3. The contractor will invoice NHC the cost of the lease + profit in their construction agreement.
    ok, yup, got it. The GN is gauranteeing we live in poverty forever so they maintain control of our lives. This is the 1st and foremost priority of any government!

    • Posted by Hunter on

      Should have remained nwt … could have been all settled in a home .

    • Posted by Dollarama on

      You mean Inuit-owned Contractors. As long as the rich get a nice cut eh? My guess there was no tender for this?

  2. Posted by Aqpik on

    YES Totally agree with Hunter! Nunavut should not have been created! All services, everything from education to health to housing, all have been horrible! The Government of Nunavut jobs, its who you know and alot of nepotism! Ridicilous! Get rid of NU and go back to NWT!

    • Posted by Shawn wilton on

      True not one thing is done right. Just screwing everybody in different ways stop travelling use FaceTime or messenger and save millions first .then treat people with respect not like crap would be nice that would work

  3. Posted by Lives in Iqaluit on

    I find it frustrating that people can’t buy these homes or any of these homes outright.

    I am educated and WANT to stay in Nunavut but eventually will need to leave as my housing is not mine. I don’t understand why they can’t build homes for people to own 100%. I understand it’s for the needy and transitional people, but the GN also needs to face reality that skilled employees who want to stay here are being forced to leave the communities because there’s no way for them to plant roots themselves.

    NWT must have been mind blown when they were given the opportunity to relinquish these communities to form Nunavut. I bet they ran to the lawyers to sign. This territory worries me for its future. Billions of dollars inherited each year with nothing to show for it but audit expenses showing it was spent somehow.

  4. Posted by Sam on

    Only here in Nunavut, do people moan, piss and cry about free housing being built for the people that really need it.at the end of the day the federal gov will be paying for it.and when someone comes up with any kind of effort, we should have stayed with the NWT. If it is so good there move there free country to move.

  5. Posted by Hardliner on

    Decades of soft policy and you have x4 the population of Inuit needing social housing. 85% of all NU housing is social housing. Just keep going with this hand-holding-more-kids-more-free attitude and things might get better right? There needs to be hardliner tactics here and everyone with a pulse who can sit at a desk or lift a box of paper offered a plane ticket south or the street if they choose not to work because the insanity that has unfolded and is multiplying cannot continue.

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