KIA beneficiaries elect new VP

Joe Allen Evyagotailak wins Kitikmeot Inuit Association position


In a by-election held Sept. 27 in the five communities of the Kitikmeot region, beneficiaries of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association elected a new vice-president, Joe Allen Evyagotailak, a former MLA for Kugluktuk, who received the highest number of votes in a field of six candidates:

Bob Aknavigak 81

Joe Allen Evyagotailak 154

David Kaosoni 53

Remi Krikort 67

Joe Otokiak 82

Noah Siutinnuaq 72

Evyagotailak will be present at the KIA’s annual general meeting, which starts Oct. 4 in Cambridge Bay.

The KIA held the by-election for a new vice-president following the resignation of Raymond Kayaksark, who resigned from the position last May.

Kayaksark faces a sexual assault charge in connection with an incident alleged to have occurred in Kugaaruk.

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