3 drivers charged with impaired driving in Iqaluit over long weekend

Iqaluit municipal officers, RCMP check approximately 125 vehicles in spot check program

Three people in Iqaluit were charged with impaired driving after the city and RCMP conducted road safety checks on around 125 vehicles over the civic long weekend. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Three drivers in Iqaluit were charged with impaired driving in a recent road safety check operation.

Iqaluit’s municipal law enforcement and RCMP conducted random sobriety and road safety checks throughout the city over the Civic Holiday long weekend, said city spokesperson Geoffrey Byrne in a news release on Tuesday.

Police checked approximately 125 vehicles and found three drivers driving while intoxicated. 

Another 17 drivers were found to be operating their vehicles without required documents, five vehicles were found to have illegal tinting on their windows, three drivers were caught without their driver’s licence and various other traffic violations were discovered, Byrne said. 

“Most vehicles that approached the check stop officers observed both driver and passengers were not wearing their seat belts, which is required under territorial and municipal law and subject to a $125 fine,” Byrne added.

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(17) Comments:

  1. Posted by Old timer on

    They should do this in Arviat too 99% of the vehicle have no plate so no insurance in them

    • Posted by 867 on

      Like that everywhere except iqaluit rankin Cambridge and baker

    • Posted by monty sling on

      Yes and in addition, curb bootlegging. The guiltiest are of prominent families some high at public service (gov’t?) level, some millionaire’s kids. it’s the poor that’s always a victims. In Arviat; the poor is at the level now of poorest of the poor.

      • Posted by shall i say? on

        Shall i dare say Housing Copr. and HH?

  2. Posted by Concerned on

    So how many ppl got fined for not wearing seatbelts. City needs more funds, sick of my property taxes and water bills going up.
    These random stops should be done monthly. Even on work days like Friday.

    • Posted by Hunter on

      City by-law use to do road checks years ago, they need to start doing this.

      Checking for seat belt, license, registration insurance. taxi driver license etc.

      Why did they stop.

    • Posted by Jesus from Nunavut on

      These Fine, are a Major Dissaster and Uge Penality for a person that dont work (such as in Between job) or to young student or to Part Time Employee.
      Think for a minute and take this in consideration: the fine is the same for any one else, either its a Succesfull buisness man or a rich kid or a very poor person.
      the police fine does not adjust to your income. to you who want to trow the first stone, and hown a big fat house, and all of us,, must remind ourself that they is and will allways be some people in trouble and in far less good situation that we may be at right now, even do we might fell untouchable with all we need and a guaranted welt, be Thanksfull and appreciate what you have, dont take it for granted, it takes only one minutes to loose it all,allways thanks god for what you have and not wish to other hardship and use them to pay your own bills. at the end, we end up alone after watching our friends and familly die and sickness comes in and then sudenly, death and all you bought and are proud of is left here on earth as you go away into the valee of the shadow of death. may that be a reminder and a Life lesson to all of us.

  3. Posted by Eskimo Fan on

    That is too cute.

  4. Posted by Umingmak on

    Enough with the seatbelts. You can’t go fast enough in any community in Nunavut for seatbelts to be useful.

    • Posted by You are WRONG. on


      Here is proof that you are wrong.

      Now consider where do babies end up in these cars with no seatbelts. Have you ever tried to hold onto a 20 pound sack of potatoes while your buddy randomly hammers on the brakes when you least expect it? Try it sometime. Bet you 100$ you can’t hold onto it.

      • Posted by Hunter on

        I agree babies need to be restrained in car seats while in a vehicle, but what about buses, trains and airplanes?

        Standards should be the same for all if they are really concerned about their safety.

    • Posted by Captain Rover on

      go for dtugs Search and bust i say, drugs – drugs – drugs the rest is just a bonus and easy money for the city and detachment, drugs is better for the public relation and police, drug bust shows the Local Detachment do his Job. go for drugs, arrest and search and i say, woff wooff wofffff
      Ati Rover, Get The Hard Drugs.

  5. Posted by Single Justin on

    This should be done in Rankin Inlet all the time. I cannot speak for the other communities but I know the sight of drinking and driving is the norm for this small town. It is known to be a party town for the surrounding communities for the access to substances of all kinds sadly.

    • Posted by Hillii on

      That town is too proud

  6. Posted by Colin on

    I’m surprised the number isn’t higher, so many drunk drivers here now, also a lot of smoking drugs in the vehicles, always the same trucks driving by them you can see and smell them.
    Need more of these stops and checks, way too many impaired drivers and someone will get hurt or killed soon.

  7. Posted by Need 4 Speed on

    Cabs in Iqaluit have their seatbelt tucked away in the front passenger seat.

    • Posted by Yo Becko on

      Oh woe is me. I can’t figure out a seatbelt. (Colonial fault)

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