Mad Mom says think before you vote for an MLA this fall

"Where is the passion? Where is the vision? Who will move us forward?"


Mad Mom here, and what am I mad about now?

Well, elections are coming and it got me to thinking about our present legislative assembly members. It seems to me that this is the weakest bunch we have had yet, since 1999.

Their term has not seen anything much occur; in fact, I can’t seem to remember anything but critical Auditor General reports, not funding the Suicide Prevention Strategy, inquests that show badly, pathetic, crumbling prisons, shipping elders away, allowing inmates to rot in solitary confinement and pulling the wagons in a circle whenever something unethical happens.

Yes, it’s the same old blah, blah, blah and positioning of some, while most MLAs fight to stay awake.

Finance Minister Keith Peterson holds the reins on the money and says no to everyone else and all the members just give up on ideas about confronting him and actually doing something. Peterson dreams in technicolour over his beer and wine stores and the revenue they will produce for him, but is tone deaf when it comes to a treatment centre that people ask for.

The invisible premier continues to remain invisible, too shy to go out and meet constituents, hold town halls and see what people really think. His advisors haven’t had a new thought in years either, which adds to the inertia around him.

Where is the passion? Where is the vision? Who will move us forward?

There are two bright lights in the whole assembly who haven’t gone into comas, who ask the right questions and don’t accept dumb, ready-made answers. Hope they get re-elected.

The rest should be gone.

Make your vote really count when the territorial elections come around in the fall. Look for someone with ideas, who is sober, thinks before they speak, always cared about their community and is not afraid to stand up and speak up on issues that are important to us all.

Mad Mom

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